Ming Pavilion Brings Hokkien Culinary Heritage to Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

Ming Pavilion Brings Hokkien Culinary Heritage to Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong

Ming Pavilion, a new culinary gem that pays homage to the rich heritage of China’s Hokkien cuisine, has opened inside Island Shangri-La Hong Kong.

Ming Pavilion is helmed by Head Chef Jack Lam Yeung, who takes his inspiration from the stunning landscapes of Fujian province and the vibrant cultural heritage of the region to create authentic Hokkien dishes that are rich in flavour and tradition.

Ming Pavilion Brings Hokkien Culinary Heritage to Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong 3Head Chef Jack Lam Yeung and Tea Master Tiffany Chan.

Complementing Chef Jack’s culinary prowess is Tea Master Tiffany Chan, who offers an exceptional selection of teas that are carefully paired to enhance the dining experience and create a perfect balance of flavours.

Together, Chef Lam’s heartfelt creations and Tea Master Chan’s exquisite tea pairings take the dining experience to new heights of sensory delight.

“The addition of Ming Pavilion to Island Shangri-La will enrich the dining experience for our guests and local community. With Hong Kong being home to over one million Hokkien residents, we are delighted to offer them a taste of home infused with modern twists and innovative flavours,” says Mr Clifford Weiner, General Manager of Island Shangri-La.

Mr David Yip, Ming Pavilion’s Culinary Consultant, added, “Our journey in conceptualising each recipe led us through the evolution of Hokkien cuisine, not only in Southeast Asia but also in Fujian and Hong Kong.”

An Opportunity to Experience Simpler Times

Guests stepping into the majestic setting of Ming Pavilion will be transported to simpler times, where the intertwining aromas of tea and heartfelt conversations fill the air.

Each plate presented is not just a culinary masterpiece but an opportunity to delve into the rich narrative behind every dish. The meals will become a catalyst for strengthening connections with friends and loved ones, fostering warmth and camaraderie.

As the dining experience unfolds, guests will be left with the memory of exquisite flavours and rekindled bonds of community.

The Xiamen style Popiah dish

The Culinary Offerings at Ming Pavilion

Originating from Fujian province in south-eastern China, Hokkien cuisine reflects a diverse heritage shaped by its proximity to the sea, fertile farmlands, and a history of cultural exchange.

One of the historical Hokkien dishes made with fresh ingredientsHokkien cuisine is characterised by its emphasis on fresh, seasonal ingredients, delicate flavours, and intricate cooking techniques passed down from generation to generation. At Ming Pavilion, these time-honoured traditions are celebrated and brought to life, inviting guests to savour the authentic flavours of Hokkien cuisine.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of enticing dishes, including Xiamen-style “Popiah” (shown above), Fujian-style “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall”, Steamed Mud Crab with Glutinous Rice and more.

Complementing the culinary offerings is a tea program at Ming Pavilion that features a selection of 18 Chinese teas, including 14 varieties from Fujian, meticulously curated by Tea Master Tiffany Chan.

Aligned with the focus on Fujian cuisine are the teas, which include green tea, white tea, Oolong, black tea, floral and scented tea, mainly sourced from the Fujian province.

Highlights from each respective category include Shifeng Longjing (HK$208), Fuding Silver Needle (HK$168), Anxi Tieguanyin (HK$88) from southern Fujian, Lapsang Souchong (HK$98), Bingdao Raw Pu’Er (HK$248), and Fuzhou Jasmine Dragon Pearl (HK$88).

The recently opened Ming Pavilion is a perfect chance for visitors to delve into the age-old customs of Hokkien cuisine, creating lasting bonds through food and shared moments. Every trip to Ming Pavilion will be a transformative experience which will leave an unforgettable impression on hearts and taste buds alike.

The interior of the restaurant at night

An Interior Designed by Lázaro Rosa-Violán

Lázaro Rosa-Violán is an internationally recognised interior designer with a portfolio spanning more than 40 countries.

He has collaborated with esteemed hotels, restaurants, and retail groups worldwide, including Aristocracy, Soho House, Mondrian Hotels, Berns Group Stockholm, Iberica Restaurants London, Inditex, H‐10 Hotels, NH Hotels, Sandy Lane Canouan, and Marriott.

Ming Pavilion’s interior design draws inspiration from the natural surroundings of Hong Kong, embracing a blend of Chinese influences and a fresh Western perspective.

The interior of the restaurant, with its use of traditional heritage materials, which creates the feeling of being inside a homely greenhouse

Contextualising the space was crucial, aiming to evoke the feeling of being in a greenhouse within the larger Shangri-La project. The design seeks to harmonise tradition, trendiness, elegance, and comfort, offering guests a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

A green palette dominates the space, artfully contrasted with terracotta hues to create a captivating visual rhythm. Marbles and intricately carved wooden details add a touch of history and charm.

Custom-designed wallpapers capture the essence of Hong Kong’s flora, while the furniture and decorative ceramic pieces contribute to an indoor-outdoor ambience.

Ming Pavilion’s design embodies a meeting of tradition and modernity, creating a truly unique and immersive experience for guests.

Ming Pavilion is currently open to the public for lunch and dinner; for bookings and reservations, please visit its website or contact it directly at +852-2820-8580 or by emailing [email protected].

The outdoor terraceMing Pavilion Brings Hokkien Culinary Heritage to Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong 4

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