Montegrappa Launches Limited Edition Venus De Milo in Marble

Montegrappa Venus De Milo Pen in Marble

Montegrappa, the famed luxury brand known for making the world’s most beautiful writing implements, has added another legendary collection, this time in the exquisite form of the Montegrappa Venus De Milo.

Over the years, Montegrappa has produced pieces that genuinely can be considered art. Their Bruce Lee collection, the La Traviata, are two that spring to mind; however, their latest, the Venus De Milo, is beautiful enough to join their burgeoning catalogue of the most beautiful pens ever made.

The Venus De Milo, as many of you are aware, is carved in marble, and to ensure that she is honoured correctly, Montegrappa’s exquisite homage is also in marble.

To recreate her, Montegrappa used an exclusive moulding technique with high-resolution marble flour.

The three-dimensional miniature is extraordinary and faithfully reproduces the artistry of the original.

On the barrel is an effigy of Venus, and the marble textures are complemented with precious metal trims with ancient Greek and Baroque symbols. The fountain pen has an 18k rose gold nib engraved with her silhouette.

In celebration of 200 years since the rediscovery of the Venus De Milo, Montegrappa has introduced a limited edition collection which will thrill collectors around the world.

Two hundred fountain pens and 200 rollerball pens will be available, carrying trims cast from museum-grade bronze.

The most exclusive versions will be those made in 18k yellow gold. Only twelve of the 18k gold versions will be made, and they will be limited to eight fountain pens and four rollerballs.

“The Montegrappa Venus De Milo truly is an iconic piece of art you can hold in your hand daily or carry around in your pocket.” – Paul Godbold.

Montegrappa Venus De Milo Pricing

  • Bronze Rollerball pen price: €1,700
  • Bronze Fountain pen price: €2,100
  • 18k Gold fountain pen price: €15,900
  • 18k Gold rollerball pen price: €19,900


    • Material: Resin, marble flour
    • Trim: Bronze
    • Nib: 18k gold
    • Filling system: Piston
    • Packaging: Special
    • Length: 140 mm
    • Diameter: 16.9 mm

Montegrappa Venus De Milo fountain pen in gold

Montegrappa Venus De Milo – Where and how?

If you would like more information on the Venus Milo Collection, including pricing, stockists and availability, visit the official Montegrappa website at

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Montegrappa Launches Limited Edition Venus De Milo in Marble 2

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