Foamplant’s Moorefoam® Will Help Make the Planet a Better Place

Martin Tietema holding a piece of Foamplant's Moorefoam.

When it comes to plastic waste, most will point an accusing finger at bottle and bag manufacturers; however, almost half the planet’s plastic waste is foam. Foamplant’s Martin Tietema is doing the planet and multiple business sectors a massive favour by introducing an alternative to run-of-the-mill foam with a new sustainable product called Moorefoam®.

We frequently find ourselves writing that innovation is one of the requisite skills needed to help the planet. Given the type of world we live in (I want, want, want), consumer demand will seemingly never wane. The only solution is to create more environmentally-friendly versions of what the world needs, and this is precisely what Foamplant’s Martin Tietema has done with his Moorefoam®. When we say environmentally friendly, we don’t mean switching to electric cars, which will have hardly any benefit (see the latest research from the CEBR). We mean creating something that will have an obvious and immediate benefit for the world without any speculation of guesswork.

It’s rather staggering when you think that almost fifty per cent of plastic waste in the world comprises foam-based products. Each year, countless numbers of m3 mattress and seating foam products are either incinerated (adding to pollution levels) or simply buried in landfills—after all, out of sight is out of mind.

If Foamplant gets its way and enough manufacturers put their consciences before their bank balances and start to use Moorefoam®, it’s almost certain we’ll see a lot less burning and burying in the future.

A close up view of the sustainable foam product

What is Moorefoam®?
Foamplant’s Moorefoam® is a world first that could help to revolutionise manufacturing globally. It is a fully circular open-cell foam, and if it is as sustainable as the company claims, it will prove to be a godsend for furniture, bedding, automotive, and avionic manufacturers.

One of the major unique selling points of Moorefoam® is manufacturers can reuse it repeatedly. If certain parts of the manufacturing industry choose to use Foamplant’s new product, they could see their CO2 output fall by as much as 90%, drastically reducing their carbon footprint and helping them to meet their sustainability goals.

Moorefoam® is made from bio-polyester, a biodegradable polymer obtained from biological monomers such as polylactic acid, polyhydroxybutyrate, and polycaprolactone. It is naturally fire retardant, and equally important the foam product contains zero harmful additives, making it ideal for mattress production and aviation seating.

Martin Tietema, the company’s founder, said, “With enough effort, persistence and creativity, we and others can produce every material in a sustainable way.” And he’s right. the only thing that will hold back the mass adoption of Moorefoam® is what it will take off the bottom line, after all, in these times, money talks. The good news is that international industry demand for Moorefoam® has been excellent, led by furniture producers and mattress companies, and in addition to this, interest is now coming from some international automotive manufacturers and aviation companies.

Martin Tietema founder of FoamplantFoamplant’s Moorefoam® will be making its official launch debut at Foam Expo Europe, which is scheduled to take place between the 8th and 10th of November in Stuttgart, Germany. Moorefoam® is available to order from now, and initial deliveries in expected to take place in mid-April 2023.

About Foamplant
Martin Tietema founded the company in 2017, and in less than five years, he could be helping to change the manufacturing industry with his sustainable Moorefoam®.

The company’s mission fits perfectly in with the world’s current needs and wants, with its focus on creating sustainable foam with fully circular production cycles. The Dutch company is currently in the process of obtaining Series A Investment, and in 2021, it was a finalist in the 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Rising Star/Most disruptive technology companies category. For more information on the company, visit

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Foamplant's Moorefoam® Will Help Make the Planet a Better Place 2

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