Mortlach Whisky And A Perfectly Structured Meal Is Just The Job

Mortlach Whisky And A Perfectly Structured Meal Is Just The Job

Looking for an explosion of flavours on your palate to complement your meal?

Ong Chin Huat gets a taste of Mortlach’s new range of whiskies and finds out why fried rice will never taste the same again.

Strathspey located in north-east Scotland is famed for single malt Scottish whiskies and Mortlach single malt whisky is a perfect example of this enduring and lasting heritage.

Originally located at an illegal distillery, the Mortlach Distillery became the first legal distillery in Dufftown in 1823 and it was brought to greater heights by owners George Cowie and his son Dr. Alexander Cowie. Ever since then, it has blazed a trail among single malt whisky manufacturers and continues till this day to raise the bar.


This luxury Speyside single malt whisky employs a unique 2.81 distillation process which creates a strong and distinctive gold liquid which unites the divergent smoky and mellow qualities in single malt whiskies.

Hailed as “The Beast of Dufftown”, this rare and unusual whisky has layers of complexity which have become its trademark. One of the best-kept secrets for close to 200 years, three different versions were recently presented to a lucky few whisky enthusiasts at Curious Kitchen, a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with a satisfying nose-to-tail menu.

Mortlach Whisky And A Perfectly Structured Meal Is Just The Job 2

A brand new range of Mortlach whiskies consisting of the 12 Years Old, 16 Years Old and 20 Years Old, each one bearing its own special character and flavour, Mortlach also presented a new logo and branding at this special dinner.

Beginning with cocktails at a relaxed outdoor lounge, guests were treated to pre-dinner treats of Iberico Jamon Leg carved straight from a spit, Smoked Duck garnished with Jackfruit Salsa as well as Caprese Skewers.

When it was time for dinner, guests were ushered into the indoor restaurant and had a mentoring session with Kabir Suharan, Mortlach Guest Brand Ambassador. “Whisky connoisseurs around the world refer to Mortlach as ‘The Beast of Dufftown’ due to its bold flavours, a result of its unique 2.81 distillation process. The additional 0.81 distillation, which is more than the Scotch standard, gives way for a precise gold liquid that is made from water through six copper stills of differing silhouettes,” shared Kabir.

Mortlach Whisky And A Perfectly Structured Meal Is Just The Job 3
Kabir Suharan, Mortlach Guest Brand Ambassador, Ryan Tann, Johnnie Walker Super Deluxe & Reserve Senior Brand Manager and Rajesh Joshi, Diageo Malaysia Marketing Director.

A specially designed menu was prepared by Chef Rainer Michael Krieger of Curious Kitchen which complemented the robust flavours of Mortlach whiskies. Starting with a Ying & Yang Soup consisting of White Pork Bone, Jamon Bone, Ginseng, Jujube, Winter Melon, Dong Guai, Solomon Seal and Chinese Yam. The main course consisted of Iberico Ribs and Top Loin which was roasted, grilled and smoked and served with a whisky sauce. Mortlach’s 12 Years Old was the perfect accompaniment for this sumptuous dish, bringing out the succulent tastes of the meats perfectly.

An Iberico Chow Fan or fried rice was the next dish and this was paired with the Mortlach 20 Years Old. Deep, dark and smoky, fried rice never tasted better or tastier with this 20 Years Old version.

The last course was a dessert called Curious Passion and consisted of passion fruit custard, whipped coconut cream and infused with mint granita. And just as everyone thought the night was over, we were all surprised with a treat of Mortlach’s 25 Years Old – a collector’s item as production in this rare and rich whisky has ceased.

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