Turn Up the Heat With Napoleon Grills For a Sizzling Summer Barbecue

Turn Up the Heat With a Napoleon Grill For a Sizzling BBQ this Summer

It’s not officially summer until you get the barbeque out, and to transform food into perfectly charred mouthwatering deliciousness, you need the right grill to do the job. But with gas grills, charcoal grills, and portable grills, it can be hard to choose the right one for the job. With Napoleon Grills launching its premium barbecues for 2022, we’ve rounded up what they have on offer to determine the right tool for you.

Freestyle 365/425
The new freestyle range is perfect for those new to the Napoleon brand. The range offers a selection of good value gas grills yet has all the premium features you would expect from Napoleon. The Freestyle comes in two models – the 365 and 425. The 365 comes as a three burner, while the latter with a four.

The freestyle 365 model with it's side burner grilling some meat

The freestyle range allows you to cook a wide selection of food and has the iconic Napoleon wavy grill. It has a side burner, easy-to-fold side shelves, tool hangers and gas storage beneath. And if you like a beer or two with your food, you’ll be pleased to know it comes with a bottle opener. Nice touch.

The grill is fairly heavy and big, so you need a decent-sized patio. However, it does come with rugged wheels, so you can easily move it on rough terrain and gravel. This grill is priced at around £430, which is pretty good considering what you get for your money.
RRP: (365) £429.99 / (425) £529.99

Freestyle 365 SIB / 425 SIB
The SIB model in this range is also available as a three burner (365) or a four burner (425). They both come with an Infrared SIZZLE ZONE side burner. This grill is aimed to give you restaurant-quality seared meat or side dishes while you grill with the signature infrared SIZZLE ZONE. It also comes with an instant JETFIRE ignition system that lights the main burners with a fast jet flame.

The F365 SIB machine with the lid up

The porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grids will give you the perfect seared marks to make you look like a pro griller every time. At just under £600, it’s pricey, but the 10-year warranty makes it a worthwhile purchase which will allow you a decade of grilling. That will keep the whole family happily fed for years to come.
RRP (365 SIB) £589.99 / (425 SIB) £759.99

Phantom TravelQ Pro 285
This is a new addition to the silky matt Phantom range for Napoleon and is sure to wow any flame master. It’s marketed as a portable grill which still allows you to come up with gourmet grilling results. It’s an ideal-sized grill which is suited for small gardens, patios and balconies. It is also not a bad choice for campers. A shelf for beverages and a built-in bottle opener means you’ve got pretty much everything you need for food and drink on the go.

Napoleon says grilling enthusiasts may want to stretch to cooking ribs and turkeys on this and the bog-standard burgers and hot dogs. Having said they, you can’t cook for more than four hungry people at a time, so you may be grilling for a while if you have extra guests. The grill is most certainly sleek with its cast aluminium finish with chrome details. The two stainless steel burner tubes won’t rust out and require minimum maintenance.
RRP £499.99

Built-in 700 series
The new-look 700 series is available in three sizes and features infrared rear burners with stainless steel built-in grill heads. You can really “up your game” with the 44-inch grill as it has a 9-mm thick WAVE stainless steel grill. Grill enthusiasts will be in their element with this model as they can light each burner individually and instantly with the JETFIRE ignition. Cross lighting ensures all burners light and stays lit.

The control knobs are colour coded, which looks great but also has a function. They glow blue when turned off but glow red when lit. This helps to adjust the right temperature control for the food you’re cooking. With precision temperature control, food can be cooked to the right outcome, whether that is searing, roasting, rotisserie-style or baking. A rotisserie kit is included in the price.

Talking of which, this model is not cheap, with even the entry level (32) coming in at £1,849.99, but with a lifetime guarantee, you will have peace of mind.
RRP (32”) £1,849.99 / (38”) £2,649.99 / (44”) £3,349.99

Napoleon Grills started manufacturing in Canada in the 1990s and are known for making high-end grills. With the price tag comes an excellent warranty. So, if you’re a serious flame master or looking to up your game, you won’t go far wrong in investing in one of these grills. Happy grilling come rain or shine.

Napoleon Grills – Where and How?

For more information on Napoleon Grills, visit www.napoleon.com/en/uk/barbecues.

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