Corinne Laan’ Guide to Nature Rituals and Restoring Balance to One’s Life

Corinne Laan' Guide to Nature Rituals and Restoring Balance to One's Life

More frequently, people need to find ways to remove themselves from the fast-paced world they’re living in. For this wellness guide, author and natural healer Corinne Laan explain how you can utilise nature to help to de-stress and find that often elusive balance.

From time to time, life throws us challenges that are tough to navigate. We often find ourselves exhausted and barely staying afloat despite our best efforts to go with the flow and keep up with the demands of work and home life. Constant stress and setbacks can negatively impact our general health, making finding and maintaining balance in life even more crucial.

The author of this guide, Corrinne Laan

Restorative gifts of nature
It has been said for centuries by philosophers, great poets and artists alike that nature is a great healer and the best physician. In recent years, many studies and research have been conducted about nature’s positive effect on our body and mind. Spending time in nature can bring inner peace, calm the mind and dissolve heavy emotions. Nature reminds us that nothing is permanent, and yet everything is in perfect balance.

It teaches us patience and is a great reminder to slow down our pace. When you feel stressed and overwhelmed, taking a walk in the forest or simply sitting in the shade of a tree and gazing upon the landscape can help you de-stress. When you are out in nature, the soft breeze, the sun’s warmth, the colours, sounds and fragrances immediately provide a peaceful haven where you can gently rest for a while.

What is a nature ritual?
A nature ritual is any self-care practice done with intention on a regular basis to harvest the beauty nature has to offer and use it to restore our physical and emotional well-being. A nature ritual takes you away from the stressors you are facing at home or work and creates the space you need to reflect and de-stress in a nurturing environment.

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Nature rituals to restore balance
Nature rituals are a simple way to recharge and restore your body’s energy. It is an invitation to slow down the pace, rest and find inner peace. What makes a nature ritual the perfect tool is that it does not have to be complicated or require a lot of preparation. You can easily create your own nature ritual and add elements that hold meaning for you. You can explore and build on the rituals shared here to get you started.

Forest ritual – This ritual invites you to connect with your inner wisdom and allow the peace of the forest to dissolve your worries, heavy emotions and sorrow. The forest provides a sanctuary away from the things which may be causing you stress. Having that time away from your stressors can be very healing. Before you start, turn off your phone to minimise any distractions. Make a conscious effort to be fully present in the moment.

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Make regular stops along the way to observe and take in the beauty of both fauna and flora around you. The smell of the forest brings you even closer to nature and can have a relaxing effect on both body and mind. Stop and breathe in the fragrance and as you breathe in, invite the beauty of your surroundings in and as you breathe out, allow all your worries, heavy emotions or sorrow to melt away.

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Early morning ritual – This is a wonderful way to start the day, particularly if you have a very important day ahead. It prepares you to start your day grounded and calm. It invites you to tap into your inner knowing. For this ritual, you need to get up before sunrise. Sit where you can observe the horizon and as the sun comes up, observe the change in colour and all the sounds as the world gently wakes up. You can add an affirmation or poem to honour this new day. You are now ready to tackle any challenges ahead with calm and quiet assertiveness.

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Sunset ritual – This ritual invites us to slow down at the end of the day. As the sun goes down, it is a reminder to let go of anything that could not be resolved and be grateful for everything that was accomplished. Take a moment to reflect on your day. If you are facing a difficult time, now is the time to let it go and show yourself some compassion.

Ocean ritual – The sea and salty sea breeze have a very cleansing effect and can soothe a busy mind. If you are lucky and live near the ocean, take a walk along the beach or simply take a seat facing the ocean and allow the sea breeze to dissolve any heavy emotions you may unintentionally be holding on to.

Nature returns us to our core, and with a sprinkle of creativity, we can tap into its healing energy to restore our mind and body. Throughout the year, and especially with the changing seasons, nature reminds us that nothing is permanent, and we can overcome even the toughest winters of our lives.

The front cover of Corinne's book, The Art of Grieving: Gentle self-care practices to heal a broken heart

Corinne Laan is a natural healer, grief specialist and author of The Art of Grieving: Gentle self-care practices to heal a broken heart (Rockpool Publishing, £16.99).

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