New Phase One A-series – The Highest Expression for Fine Art Photography

New Phase One A-series - The Highest Expression for Fine Art Photography

Phase One is a Danish brand based in Copenhagen and known as a leader in open-platform, high-end camera systems and software solutions

The Phase One professional solutions are a good example of high quality and flexibility for advertising, commercial, fashion, architecture and fine art photography in general, with a wide range of digital backs, lenses and camera bodies.

It was only a few months ago (December 2014) that Phase One officially started the roll-out of a new powerful medium format camera across its worldwide commercial chains and offices, the Phase One A-series.

The new A-series includes three different models, the A250, the A260 and the A280. These three models are based on the ALPA 12TC mirror-less camera body in conjunction to Phase One medium format IQ2-Series digital backs with different resolutions and peculiarities.

The A250 mounts a CMOS-based IQ-250 digital back with a sensor of 50 MP, the A260 mounts a long-exposure-capable CCD-based IQ-260 digital back with a sensor of 60MP, while the A280 mounts the highest CCD-based IQ-280 digital back with a sensor of 80MP.

New Phase One A-series - The Highest Expression for Fine Art Photography 4Each of the models is equipped with the 35mm Rodenstock Alpar lens with the further possibility of choosing two optional lenses, the ultra-wide 23mm and the all-round 70mm ALPA HR Alpagon. All the three lenses offer a perfect edge-to-edge sharpness, the ability to resolve full frame medium format sensors and a factory configured in-camera lens calibrations and the option to apply color cast correction profiles (LCCs).

In addition to these high performance medium format cameras, Phase One recently released a new and optimized version of Capture One Pro 8.

Capture One Pro 8 combined with Capture Pilot (software that allows checking of the selected A-lens and the opportunity to display preview images directly from iOS devices) gives the photographers a complete range of tools to set a professional workflow, from the shooting to the final image.

Prices for the Phase One A-series start from 36.000 EUR (47,000 USD).

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