The Incredible Niels van Roij Design Silver Spectre Shooting Brake

The Incredible Niels van Roij Design Silver Spectre Shooting Brake

The Niels van Roij Design Silver Spectre Shooting Brake takes one of the world’s most iconic motor vehicles, gives it a striking new body with an out-of-this-world interior and at the same time, imbues it with even more history and tradition.

Niels van Roij Design is an automotive design studio based in the Dutch city of Utrecht. The company is named after it’s founder and their work is of such a high standard, it is on show in the Victoria & Albert Museum and the London Transport Museum.

Niels van Roij Breadvan Hommage

Over recent years, the Dutch-based design house has come out with some fantastic creations, one of our favourites being their extraordinary Breadvan Hommage (above). Their latest design, the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake continues their ability to astound. It is an innovative new design born from one of the most recognisable motor cars in the world.

Niels van Roij inspecting the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake

What is a Shooting-brake?
The term shooting-brake goes back to the 1890s. In those days the vehicle took the form of a horse-drawn carriage and was the preferred method of transport for shooting parties, hence the ‘shooting’ connotation. The ‘Brake’ part of the term refers to the chassis which was used to break in horses.

Shooting parties generally come with a large number of people (beaters etc.) and a decent amount of equipment, most obviously the guns; this made ease of access and load space a priority. Over the following decades, the name shooting-brake transferred to motor vehicles and today it is a term that signifies the highest-quality for vehicles of this style.

The coachwork for Silver Spectre is by Carat by Duchatelet

The Silver Spectre Shooting Brake
This latest vehicle by the design studio harks back to the hay-days of the 1930s. The company’s founder, Niels van Roij wanted to create a vehicle unconstrained by modern design, seeking to produce something that was both original and historically relevant.

Niels van Roij design sketch

An issue often faced by automotive design houses is what looks good paper isn’t always reflected in the actual finished product. Fortunately, the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake doesn’t suffer from this; it is a gorgeous looking design and has made its original doner even sleeker and more stylish.

Silver Spectre Shooting Brake with rear tailgate open

The new bodywork from Niels van Roij Design extends from the base of the A-pillar and stretches all the way towards the tailgate, and according to Niels van Roij has very English proportions inside and out with uncompromised levels of luxury.

This is a vehicle that instantly commands attention, and this is in no small part due to its unexpected silhouette. One area where this design stands out is from the rear. If you were following a Silver Spectre Shooting Brake, it probably wouldn’t cross your minds this was a shooting-brake variation.

This is due in no small part to the implementation of wide and low rear glass which is not set flush. Instead, it has been set deep into the bodywork. This double-curved recessed rear screen links strongly to one-of-a-kind English coachbuilt vehicles.

The trunk of the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake

Another novel idea is the facet surrounding the trunk lid from top to bottom. This strong line makes for a powerful visual: accomplishing a solid and chiselled appearance in the three-quarter rearview and capturing the stern in a singular round motion when seen straight from the back. It also provides owners with an excellent opportunity to explore exclusive two-tone paint possibilities.

What powers the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake?
The Silver Spectre Shooting Brake has an increase in power and torque output of the 6.6 litre twin-turbo V12 engine. The standard 632 hp and 800 Nm (or max 870 Nm of torque for Black Badge) has been increased to 700 hp and 900 Nm.

An out-of-this-world experience
Inside Silver Spectre Shooting Brake the hand-made infinity starlight headliner is a true statement and showcase of the bespoke capabilities. It is a celestial scape of fibre-optic strands. As a world-first, the stars fade out towards the back, giving the impression of an endless starlit sky.

The luggage area features soft and padded leather upholstery, complimenting the interior colours of Silver Spectre Shooting Brake. All lines and volumes in the boot area are lavishly chiselled, voluminous and rounded.

An uncommon sight, usually trunks are rectilinear and carpeted, apparently forgotten design elements. The carefully sculpted lines and meticulously made surfaces of the contrasting elements and storage pockets culminate at the centre of the two separated, individual rear seat backrests.

Silver Spectre Shooting Brake rear view

Seven is the Magic Number
Each of the seven cars out of the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake line-up comes in a bespoke and strikingly unique design theme. This includes individual colour schemes and materials for both interior and exterior, one-off singular or two-tone exterior paints and pinstripes applied by hand on the body.

Highly polished woods on dashboard and doors, headrest embroidery, personalised tread plates and colour-matched leather or silk upholstery are a selection of the curated choices made by Niels van Roij Design for the interior.

With any bespoke vehicle, particularly one as magnificent as the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake, customers will be expecting some tailor-made options. Niels van Roij Design clearly understand this and have made some lovely extras available. These include a picnic hamper featuring the same veneers as found on the dashboard. Luggage sets to match the leather upholstery and an exclusive timepiece in car-paint coordinated materials.

The Silver Spectre Shooting Brake was coachbuilt at Carat by Duchatelet, commissioned by Niels van Roij Design.

The prices for Silver Spectre Shooting Brake are available on request. For more information, visit

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