Exploring The Sparkling Allure Of Damiani’s Diamonds

Ong Chin Huat Explores The Sparkling Allure Of Damiani's Diamonds

Looking for an engagement ring? Look no further as Damiani has some of the most beautiful creations to seal your made-in-heaven union

Exploring The Sparkling Allure Of Damiani's Diamonds 5Made by hand in Italy and still owned by the same family, the prestigious and legendary house of Damiani is managed by the third generation of its founders, the siblings Guido, Silvia and Giorgio Damiani.

With a nod from its past and a wink to the future, Damiani is a synchronicity of exquisite craftsmanship, superb design, attention to detail and unbridled creativity which all manifests in a piece of jewellery which has sparkled on the fingers, ears, wrists and décolleté of some of the most talented and beautiful actresses in the world – Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and Sophia Loren have all been adorned in Damiani jewellery and some have even won Oscars decked in them.

So what’s the allure and attraction of Damiani diamonds? According to Silvia Damiani, vice-president of Damiani, apart from the indisputable quality of a Damiani gem, the stones that Damiani uses are conflict-free and child labour-free and originate from a small group of suppliers who respect stringent requirements and are checked and certified along the entire production chain.

Exploring The Sparkling Allure Of Damiani's Diamonds 6But apart from these ethically-sourced stones, Silvia says a Damiani ring is unique and is not unlike an haute couture dress. And as an engagement ring, where it embodies the dreams of every woman, a Damiani diamond ring symbolises love and an indestructible bond between two married people. “Damiani allows a unique and unrepeatable ring to be created and custom made. Our company gemmologist selects the stones extremely carefully following high-quality standards which have always distinguished us. The chance to choose from an infinite combination of settings, carats, colour and clarity allows the customer the greatest personalisation.”

A Damiani diamond has 10 C’s associated with it instead of the usual four C’s of carat, cut, colour and clarity. Exploring The Sparkling Allure Of Damiani's Diamonds 7With every single piece of Damiani jewellery still hand made in their Valenza workshop, the additional six C’s which characterise a Damiani diamond are craftsmanship which guarantees perfect wearability, custom-made through the etching of a name, date or thought on the diamond itself while the international certificate and its serial number is etched on the girdle of the diamond. A certificate which identifies the gemstone and thus guarantees it authenticity and a change option guarantee which Damiani recognises in full over time, allowing the solitaire to be replaced with one of a higher value.

Coverage which is an exclusive insurance against bag snatch or robbery and makes the diamond worry-free and finally the last C is company, the Damiani brand since 1927 which is associated with the highest quality, all-Italian family lead passion which has turned a trade into an international symbol of prestige, luxury and enduring love.

Damiani – Where and how

For further information, please visit www.damiani.com

By Ong Chin Huat

Exploring The Sparkling Allure Of Damiani's Diamonds 8

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