Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Anti-ageing’s Non-invasive Holy Grail?

Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Anti-ageing's Non-evasive Holy Grail?

Since time immemorial, people have been trying to find ways to reverse the signs of ageing, with many today choosing to go under the knife. An alternative to this could be Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HbOT). Professor Shai Efrati of the Sackler School of Medicine recently conducted a study into it and found that repeated daily HbOT sessions can increase telomere length by more than 20%.

From the legendary Cleopatra and her obsession with daily baths in donkey milk, the Ming dynasty’s Gua sha stone practices, to the courtiers of Versailles and their use of aged wine and its exfoliation benefits, people have sought out ways to reverse the signs of ageing Since then, there have been decades of ever-evolving research and technology, and the more invasive procedures have become commonplace.

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Nowadays, people feel comfortable trying everything from dermal fillers, Longer Lasting Botox, and Automated Pen Micro-needling to Vampire facials; however, an emerging beauty trend for 2022 is the war on greenwashing, which will be all the rage.

Products with “cruelty-free,” “Green,” and “all-natural,” for example, have no rules or regulations on what a product can be to earn those titles, and women are much more consumer savvy when it comes to what they put in and on their bodies.

New research emerged in November 2020 from Tel Aviv University and the Shamir Medical Centre in Israel, which indicated that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in ageing adults could stop the ageing of blood cells and reverse the ageing process. In the biological sense, the adults’ blood cells grew younger as the treatments progressed.

A graphic image showing Telomeres

The researchers found that a unique protocol of treatments with high-pressure oxygen can reverse two significant processes associated with ageing and illness: the shortening of Telomeres (protective regions located at both ends of every chromosome) and the accumulation of old and malfunctioning cells in the body. Focusing on immune cells containing DNS obtained from the participants’ blood, the study discovered a lengthening of 38% of Telomeres and a decrease of up to 37% in the presence of senescent cells.

The study was led by Professor Shai Efrati of the Sackler School of Medicine and the Sagol School of Neuroscience at TAU and the Founder and Director of the Sagol Centre of Hyperbaric Medicine at the Samir Medical Centre. The clinical trial was part of a comprehensive Israeli research program that targets ageing as a reversible condition.

“For many years, our team has engaged in the studies of hyperbaric research and therapy treatments based on protocols of exposure to high-pressure oxygen at various concentrations inside a pressure chamber,” Professor Efrati explains.

“Our achievements over the years included improving brain functions damaged by age, stroke and even brain injury. “In the current study, we wished to examine the impact of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy on healthy and independent ageing adults and to discover whether such treatments can slow down, stop or even reverse the normal ageing process at the cellular level.”

Please find a link to the full study here: Professor Shai Efrati’s findings.

A member of the Oxify team next to one of the chambers

Where you can try it in the UK
If you are wondering where you can try Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, a good place to head to is Oxify, which is about to open its fourth centre since launching in the UK over 12 months ago.

The Oxify sessions
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HbOT) sessions have a powerful detoxification effect on the body. Skin is the largest organ, and toxins in your body show up as blemishes and discolourations. HbOT removes these toxins from the system, so you look and feel rejuvenated, healthy, and refreshed.

A member of the Oxify team with a face mask on

Oxygen is the primary fuel when it comes to skin rejuvenation. When delivering oxygen during a HbOT session, the supplemented oxygen levels improve blood flow, boost cell metabolism, facilitate collagen production, contribute to microscopic blood vessel growth, and increase skin elasticity on the surface level. It means that oxygen gets around the body quicker and helps to prevent cell damage which can lead to ageing.

The HbOT sessions at Oxify are said to be a very pleasurable experience. After you have entered your dedicated chamber, fully clothed with an oxygen mask placed over your nose and mouth, the pressure is gradually increased by an Oxify team member. The speed of pressure increase is carefully monitored and controlled. You can read, listen to music, or watch a movie during the session, and you are monitored throughout to ensure you are happy and at ease.

You can find more about its effects here: Oxify for Cosmetic Treatment.

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