The Pantheone I Merges Art and Technology into One Sublime Package

 The Pantheone I Merges Art and Technology into One Sublime Package

The Pantheone I speaker is an extraordinary looking Alexa compatible speaker that wouldn’t look out of place in London’s Design Museum.

It’s rare that an audio product can be described as a work of art, but the Pantheone I is befitting this accolade. This speaker is so far removed from people’s everyday vision of what a speaker should look like; it’s almost an injustice to regard it as just beautiful.

If you saw the Pantheone I in someone’s home, you would likely presume it was a standalone work of modern art. This incredible-looking speaker measures 653 x 460 x 437mm and is made from hand-polished resin. It is a gorgeous fusion of art and technology, and we’re not the only ones smitten by its looks, the Pantheone I was also lauded at the recent Red Dot Awards, walking away with an award.

At first glance, the Pantheone I looks like something from the set of the I-Robot and Oblivion movies, it has the same clean, minimalist lines that many movie directors envision for the future. However, it is far more than this. It’s not just a gorgeous looking Alexa compatible speaker; it is the largest speaker available on the market with this capability.

When Oren Adani founded Pantheone Audio, he was smart enough to surround himself with a team of international expert designers, artistic directors and engineers. All of these shared his vision of innovative technology, and I think you’ll agree that their combined skills and vision have produced something they can be proud of.

Black coloured Pantheone I Speaker

Hand-crafted and timeless design
The sleek design of the Pantheone I is an ideal accompaniment to existing art, sculptures and furniture within the home. It is available in black or white meaning it can be matched to most colour schemes. The resin housing of the speaker was created from a single mould. It is then hand-polished to achieve its perfectly smooth curves.

The speaker’s minimalist design makes it an ideal centrepiece in ones home and anyone fortunate enough to own should get used to wandering gazes and “sorry, what did you say?” It’s size, and weight (25kgs) should also ensure that it will stay securely in position while guaranteeing its purported ‘remarkable sound-quality’.

Ease of use and acoustic capability
Aside from its looks, we should also take a look at the speakers audio capability. Although we haven’t tested it ourselves, we are reliably informed that the Pantheone I offers excellent audio performance thanks to state-of-the-art acoustic engineering. The speaker has two internal subwoofers enabling it to stream high-resolution audio. These are accompanied by two Hi-Fi mid-range drivers and four tweeters which produce 360-degree, clear stereo sound.

‘APPiness’ for the mobile phone generation
We have some good news for those who like to control their world via a mobile device. The speaker can be paired to the Pantheone App, which is available on both Android and iOS-based phones. This provides full control of the speaker functions letting you control the sound and change songs etc. The app also allows you to access sleep mode and the multi-room player. Via this up to eight Pantheone I devices can be paired.

Pantheone I Speaker taking pride of place in a living room

As we mentioned earlier, the Pantheone I is the largest Alexa compatible speaker on the market. It’s built-in Alexa functionality should ensure hours of fun for guests and let’s face it, you’re buying a speaker like this as much for its ability to grab someone’s attention as its audio performance.

Imagine the looks you’ll get from guests when you start talking to the Pantheone I, giving it commands and asking questions. It’s also compatible with many leading streaming services such as Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and Tidal, which should push entertainment levels through the roof!

Pantheone I Speaker – Where and how?

The Pantheone I Speaker is now available in the UK and is priced at £2.199 – For more information, visit Pantheone Audio’s website

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The Pantheone I Merges Art and Technology into One Sublime Package 2


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