Peggy, Unplugged UK’s New Off-Grid Cabin Escape in Cheshire

Peggy, Unplugged UK's New Off-Grid Cabin Escape in Cheshire

Unplugged, the UK’s original ‘off-grid cabin’ escape, has unveiled its newest cabin called Peggy, which is located in the Cheshire region and seems like a brilliant place for a 72-hour digital detox.

Although escaping from the modern world sounds easy, it is far harder in practice. One’s mobile phone, which generally has all manner of apps installed, constantly monitors what you are doing and, in some cases, even listens. Add to the mix that the UK is often called the world’s most surveilled country, and you’ll get some idea of how difficult it is to truly disconnect.

A man relaxing and warming himself by the firepit

If you want to find some peace and privacy, away from prying eyes, ears and technology, you’ll need to head to somewhere bereft of others, ideally in the countryside with a place you can lock away your mobile and forget about it, and this is where Peggy comes into play.

A lit fire pit outside the cabin at sunsetPeggy is a cabin that is available from the 24th of April in Cheshire, approximately one hour from Liverpool. It is an ideal place for tired, busy and burnt-out folk to enjoy the ultimate break to switch off and experience a 72-hour digital detox.

If you are wondering, why seventy-two hours? It is regarded as the optimum time for people to reap all of the benefits of leaving behind screen-based technology.

Being sans the latest technology can help to reduce all manner of issues associated with high screentime, including things that most of us will have experienced, such as brain fog, poor sleep quality, anxiety and unproductivity.

About Peggy
Peggy sits in Cheshire’s renowned “Sandstone Trail”, with far-reaching views of rolling hills and not far from Tarporley’s local village. She is a little different from its sister cabin, Luna, with a lower bed and a differently shaped structure whilst still filled with the essentials required for a tech-free holiday.

On arrival, guests can rid themselves of their digital devices by putting them inside a lockbox for three days and experience the private life with a Nokia mobile (Snake included), along with a physical map to explore the scenic surroundings, an instant camera with film and a cassette player.

The cabin has been built with comfort in mind. There’s access to a hot shower, hotel-quality bedding and a fully equipped kitchen with a gas hob. Before you ask, No! there is Wi-Fi; it is a digital detox!

The bed in the cabin with its views over the countryside

Staying in Peggy gives guests an opportunity to experience the benefits of being in nature. They will be able to connect with their immediate surroundings, breathe fresh air, and listen to the breeze and birdsong, which should result in an improvement in their sleep, productivity and overall relationships with their devices.

The bathroom and kitchen areas inside the cabin

The people behind Unplugged
Entrepreneurs, friends and co-founders Hector Hughes and Ben Elliot are the creative visionaries behind Unplugged. They created the escapes due to their personal experiences of spending too much time behind a screen.

Commenting on Peggy’s launch, Co-founder Hector Hughes said, “Since we introduced Luna to the Cheshire region last October, we’ve been at an almost full capacity. This demonstrates there’s a demand for accessible destinations to help people living in these areas resolve problems associated with burnout, stress, and tiredness – and too often, these come associated with too much screen time.

“As well as the health benefits enjoyed, we’re also noticing an increase in people choosing to stay to help them reconnect with themselves, as well as their partners. Digital detoxes allow for quality time without the constant distraction of their devices, and we’ve even hosted a few engagements too! It was, therefore, an easy, natural decision to give Luna a sister, and we’re delighted to welcome Peggy this spring.”

Looking out of the windows in the bedroom area

Like all of Unplugged’s cabins, Peggy is sustainably built and runs solely on solar power. While boasting this new triangular shape, this cabin will also be fitted with panoramic windows next to the bed, allowing guests to wake naturally and swap ‘blue light’ for ‘starlight’. Dogs are also welcome, and like all of Unplugged’s cabins, Peggy has also been named by a previous guest’s dog and crowdsourced by the brand’s loyal community.

Peggy is the 17th cabin to join Unplugged’s portfolio of beautiful, idyllic escapes, with plans confirmed to expand this number to 40 in other UK locations by the end of 2023. All escapes are for three nights, the optimum time for a digital detox, and start from £390 per cabin.

Unplugged 3-day Digital Detox stays start from £390 per cabin
More information about PEGGY can be found HERE
All bookings can be made through

Photographs in this article are courtesy of ThisisMikeyP.

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The cabin at night under a starry skyPeggy, Unplugged UK's New Off-Grid Cabin Escape in Cheshire 2

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