In Conversation With Oliver Pergl, Tequila Educator At Proximo Spirits

In Conversation With Oliver Pergl, Tequila Educator At Proximo Spirits

Luxurious Magazine’s Sabi Phagura catches up with Oliver Pergl, Tequila Educator at Proximo Spirits, to talk 1800® Tequila and plans for the future.

Luxurious Magazine: We understand congratulations are in order, as two top supermarkets are now stocking 1800® Silver Tequila. Tell us, what does this mean to the brand?
Oliver Pergl: Thank you! Having 1800® Silver Tequila listed in Waitrose and Tesco is a massive step for the brand, and we are thrilled to see it on the shelves of these fantastic supermarkets. The consumption of premium tequila is continuing to rise in the UK, as drinkers are discovering the versatility and deliciousness of the spirit in mixed drinks.

Bottle of 1800® Tequila with some filled glasses

LM: 1800® Tequila has a fairly long history. Can you briefly tell us how it started off?
OP: Well, 1800® Tequila is named after the year it was created. 1800 is the year the world’s first premium tequila was born. The spirit is made from 100% blue agave and is double distilled for superior drinkability. For more than two hundred years, we’ve never wavered from the original formula and distilling process. So, the bottles that end up on the shelves contain the same quality tequila as every bottle that has left the distillery for centuries.

The packaging for 1800® Tequila is an iconic trapezoidal shape, reminiscent of the centuries-old Mayan stone pyramids found throughout Mexico and dressed with a crest.

Oliver Pergl holding a bottle of 1800® Silver TequilaLM: We often hear of other spirits, such as rum and gin being ‘the drink’ everyone wants to have. Where would you say tequila sits within the ranks?
OP: Highly. We’ve seen a real boom in premium tequila, as drinkers become more open to exploring mixed drinks and cocktails.

Quality, premium tequilas, in general, are much more widely available through partnerships. This means that spirits enthusiasts can discover at home that tequila is perfect for creating cocktails that would typically contain alternative spirits. From refreshingly simple tequila and tonics to adding a twist on classic cocktails, 1800® Silver Tequila is really capturing the attention of drinkers here in the UK.

I’m sure tequila will stay high in the ranks for a good while yet. The perception of tequila in the UK has long been associated with being a ‘party drink’, but we’re finding that consumers are increasingly enjoying it in much more considered ways, savouring this delicious spirit.

LM: What makes 1800® Tequila different from other premium brands out there?
OP: I would say it’s the complexity and character of 1800® Tequila that makes it so unique, and the clean, balanced taste that carries hints of sweet fruit and pepper, is perfect for mixing in cocktails. Also, our iconic trapezoidal bottle shape, reminiscent of the centuries-old Mayan stone pyramids found throughout Mexico, make our product a real eye-catcher on the shelves of supermarkets.

Oliver Pergl enjoying the company of friends at a bar

LM: Most people associate tequila with ‘shots’ to perk things up on a night out. But what is the best way to drink 1800® Tequila?
OP: I’d say, most drinkers are familiar with a beautifully sweet and sharp Margarita, but the quality and a smooth balance of 1800’s fruity, peppery notes opens up a whole new world of cocktail creativity and long drinks that are really easy to prepare using basic kitchen equipment.

My personal recommendation is the 1800® Tequila and tonic. This is a deliciously refreshing combination of 1800® Silver and premium tonic water served over ice and garnished with a slice of grapefruit. This is a natural sidestep into enjoying tequila for our nation of seasoned G&T fans.

LM: Let’s talk through some of the products you have. How different are they from one another?
OP: Over recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the popularity of sipping tequila rather than slamming. We have a gorgeous tequila expression in our range designed to be sipped, 1800® Cristalino. Presented in a stunning crystalline bottle, the spirit is aged in both American and French oak barrels and finished in Port Wine casks. The result is a spirit with all the complexity of an Anejo tequila, and the silky-smooth drinkability of a silver. In our diverse portfolio at Proximo Spirits, we also have the wonderful Jose Cuervo, and can highly recommend the sipping tequila Reserva de la Familia.

1800® Tequila bottle and fruit filled glasses

LM: What is next for 1800® Tequila? Are there any big plans we can look out for in the coming months?
OP: Christmas is always an exciting time for tequila, with people having fun mixing drinks in the kitchen. With our new supermarket listings, this year is the perfect time to grab a bottle of 1800® Silver and mix up an 1800® Tequila and tonic in the comfort of your own home.

1800® Tequila Silver – Where and How?

1800® Tequila Silver is now available to buy in more than 600+ UK Waitrose and Tesco stores priced at RRP of £30.00 (£32.00 in Waitrose) for a 70cl bottle at 40% ABV.

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