The Peugeot 3008 Hybrid SUV is Stylish, Smart and Immensely Practical

The Peugeot 3008 Hybrid SUV Stylish, Smart and Incredibly Practical

Jeremy reviews another Plug-in Hybrid, this time it is the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid SUV. This car is compact in size yet feels far from small and it easily accommodates five adults with plenty of room for luggage.

I have driven plenty of SUVs over the years as this market sector is amongst the most popular. All major brands have at least one SUV model in their range. Peugeot’s entry model is the 2008, with the 3008 neatly fitting in the middle and the large 5008 completing the lineup. The French brand has now given their highly popular model a Hybrid version which plugs in to charge its battery.

The boot in the 3008 is capable of carrying a wide variety of odd shaped items

SUVs are many things to many people, a Taxi for the children, a load carrier for DIY materials, and not forgetting cargo shifter for the family shopping. It is the primary reason they are so popular with families, and car companies market the models directly to parents.

To gain sales, the companies continually improve on what they offer the buyer; a great example is the 3008 Hybrid.

An exterior view of Peugeot's practical hybrid

The latest generation of 3008 has had its exterior sharpened with angled panels, grille and light clusters. Matching these lines is the interior with no curves or right angles, which gives it a modern and elegant look.

The steering wheel is gorgeous and, yes, angled. It makes you feel like you control an X-wing fighter rather than driving a car, or maybe that is just me dreaming. The display also puts you in sci-fi realms, with choices of readouts, colours and driver information.

A view of the cockpit and dashboard inside the 3008 Hybrid

The 3008 Hybrid comes packed with safety assistance systems such as lane departure warning, blind-spot detection and reverse camera displayed through the touchscreen information monitor. Of course, this comes at a cost, and the starting price is £37000, which isn’t the cheapest SUV on the market. But the Peugeot is well made, and with the Hybrid, there are long term savings to be made.

The battery allows approximately 40 miles of electric power, which equates to more than the average return commute. Research shows this is 28 miles. Around town doing the taxi runs, it is about ten trips before charging is required.

This is a simple process, either connect the cable supplied to a power supply in your home if this is accessible or at charging points that are popping up everywhere.

An 8-Speed gearbox (EAT8) increases the car’s efficiency, so you get incredible range from a full tank. You have the option of using the steering wheel shift paddles to have manual control for those drivers who prefer.

Rivals of the 3008 are the Nissan Qashqai, Skoda Karoq and Seat Ateca, of which I have driven the Karoq. The Peugeot excels on the safety systems provided, the interior display and the luxury feel, but it is more expensive. As I mentioned, you pay the price for all the equipment and systems fitted.

Side view of the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid

I found the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid perfect for all the purposes; I can think you would need a five-seat SUV. I got three large tree saplings and many plants in the rear, with picnic supplies and two other people in the car.

It was enjoyable to drive, and those who like performance will get a kick from the electric boost when putting their foot down. The driving position is spot-on, and it is fun switching between displays. May the 3008 be with you.

Peugeot 3008 Hybrid – Where and How?

The 3008 Hybrid SUV starts from £37300, including the £3000 Government plug-in grant. For more information, visit

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The Peugeot 3008 Hybrid SUV is Stylish, Smart and Immensely Practical 2


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