Are you Winding me up? The Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis Watch Winder

The Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis Watch Winder

The Planet Double-Axis Watch Winder from Bernard Favre looks great, has some very interesting features and should become the new best friend for anyone with a high-end watch.

Some watches cost as much as a high-end sports car. If you’re fortunate to own a high-end car and don’t drive it for a period of time, I’m quite sure you’ll at least start the engine up to keep it ticking over. The same needs to be done for a high-end watch and let’s not forget that some watches can cost more than a high-end sports car! Fortunately, Bernard Favre has some fantastic watch-winders, perfect for that job.

Their double-axis Planet watch winders ensure that your precious watches will be kept at an optimal level, making them ready to wear instantly. Also, they fall into the category of horological art. They are great to look at and produce a mesmerising, almost calming effect when running.

The Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis Watch Winder uses a gimbal system

Farve was inspired to invent his revolutionary watch winding system after seeing the gimbal system used to stabilise traditional ship chronometers so that they remained flat despite the pitch and roll of the vessel.

Years of research and development culminated in 2011 with the Planet, the first watch winder that rotates the watch through two axes to better replicate the movement of a watch on the wrist. As a side benefit the movement is captivating to watch.

Are you Winding me up? The Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis Watch Winder 3

What differentiates the double-axis Bernard Farve Planet from many other watch winders available today is it does not overwind. This is achieved by its nine program options.

These make sure that you’ll always be able to find the optimal setting for your timepiece. Another nice feature is its ‘Exhibition’ program which allows you to showcase the timepiece in its best light. At the base of the double-axis Planet is a switch to enable it and a USB socket provides access to upload custom winding programs.

The quiet, high-efficiency motor runs for three months on a single charge on the standard program and is ultra-silent thanks to acoustically-sealing O-rings in the base. The battery is quickly charged by a simple USB cable and can be left permanently connected.

Are you Winding me up? The Bernard Favre Planet Double-Axis Watch Winder 4

Dust and wandering hands are kept at bay by an elegant glass dome and showcase the elegant ballet taking place underneath it.

Planet by Bernard Favre is offered in silver, black, gilded red gold and full customisation. Multi-winder cabinets are also available.

Technical details of the Planet watch winder by Bernard Favre
  • Double axis winding
  • Materials: aluminium base, stainless steel winding rings (silver, black, red gold)
  • Dimensions: 140 mm diameter x 210 mm high (glass bell cover), 120 mm diameter x 150 mm high (winder without cover)
  • Weight: 2.5 Kg
  • Battery: 3.6 volts, USB cable charging
Planet Double-Axis Watch Winder Programs:
  1. 800 turns clockwise daily
  2. 1000 turns clockwise daily
  3. 800 turns anticlockwise daily
  4. 1000 turns anticlockwise daily
  5. 480 turns clockwise, and 480 turns anticlockwise daily
  6. 680 turns clockwise, and 800 turns anticlockwise daily
  7. 800 + 1000 turns clockwise and 800 + 1000 turns anticlockwise daily
  8. 6 turns, stop 6 seconds (so the watch can be viewed), 6 turns reverse direction,
    repeat, 15 sequences
  9. Exhibition program: 6 turns, stop 6 seconds (so the watch can be viewed), 6 turns reverse
    direction, repeat, 800 sequences

The two programs no 8 and no 9 can be customized ( loaded by USB key).

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