PopSockets’ Products are Innovative, Practical and Fun for Mobile Users

PopSockets' Products are Innovative, Practical and Fun for Mobile Users

PopSockets is an American based company creating grips, mounts, and wallets for your digital devices. We took a closer look at some of the products from their extensive range and found them to be both playful and practical.

Located in Colorado, USA, PopSockets has grown rapidly through producing innovative products. Looking through their website, it is clear the brand knows what consumers want, giving them fuel to develop new ranges that the public will undoubtedly find helpful.

I am a fan of gadgets, always with the thought of using them, but often they remain locked away in a cupboard. Many of the products I’ve purchased were never quite as useful as I thought, and as the brands stated, they would be. The products from PopSockets are far from this; they are wallet-friendly, well made and functional.

Image showing how the PopGrip works and the customisation option

The PopGrip
The PopGrip is the product that started the brand on its way. Simple but so practical, it attaches to the back of your phone. You can then use this as a holder to secure your grip, taking photos, making calls etc. The PopGrip then connects with other products in the PopSockets range. The grip also acts as a rest so you can prop the phone up and view films, take zoom calls or selfies.

The PopGrip has a swappable top by closing the grip flat, pressing down, and twisting it 90 degrees to swap out the top. Then, you can swap in a new PopTop or do a bit of wireless charging.

Shimmer Rose Gold PopWallet+

PopWallet +
The PopWallet + is a convenient store for credit cards or some notes. Stick the PopWallet to your phone’s case, and thanks to its attached PopGrip, you get all the handy functions of this product along with a place to stash cards. It offers an elegant and secure way to carry your cards on your phone.

The PopWallet and PopGrip are now integrated. Its swappable design lets you change your style through the quick removal of the PopTop. It can hold up to three credit cards or six business cards, depending on the card thickness.

Orange PopMount 2 Flex attached to piping

PopMount 2 Flex
Ideal for me as a Photographer and Filmer, the PopMount 2 Flex is a superb flexible tripod or attachment. When out and about in photographic and filming situations on location, you’ll be amazed at the amount of kit you need to take.

A PopMount and a PopGrip make the whole process far more straightforward. Attach the phone with PopGrip to the mount. You can have a standard tripod or connect the system to a fence, car wing mirror or a convenient pole that might be near your shooting location. Set your phone to record or timer, and away you go. A piece to camera is a breeze, and the PopMount is so secure the phone doesn’t move.

A PopSocket with the words Thank You and a rainbow

The products on offer from PopSockets are superb, well-made, well designed, and not just form over function. I love the variety of designs, which means there is one out there for everyone. Ideal for presents and Christmas stocking fillers as they are affordable. I know I will be using the products for many years, and you will no doubt see the results of the photography and filming on here.

PopSockets – Where and How?

Ever since philosophy professor David Barnett made the first PopGrip by glueing two buttons to his phone, PopSockets mission has been to bring fun into the world.

In 2018, PopSockets was named as one of the best employers in Colorado in Inc. Magazine’s list of the 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies. In addition to this, its founder and CEO, David Barnett, was named Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

For more information, visit www.popsockets.co.uk.

PopSockets' Products are Innovative, Practical and Fun for Mobile Users 2


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