A Bespoke Porsche Design Custom Built Timepiece with a Few Clicks

Porsche 911 with Red Porsche Design Chronograph Watch

One of the automotive world’s most iconic names is on the fast track to shake up the horological world with the introduction of the Porsche Design custom-built Timepieces program which allows watch enthusiasts to tailor a unique chronograph watch to their exact liking.

Porsche is a name known the world over and is inextricably linked to the word quality. For almost 50-years, Porsche Design has continued Ferdinand Porsche’s vision by producing some frankly exceptional products, and their latest innovative service reaffirms this.

When you think of Porsche, you instantly conjure images of iconic sportscars and motorsport history. However, this world-renowned brand is equally adept at creating fine timepieces via Porsche Design.

Porsche Design Chronograph watch in black

Six years ago, Porsche Design Timepieces AG was founded in Solothurn, Switzerland, with the goal to change the way the watch-industry worked.

Via its new web-based watch configurator which is based on the Porsche car-configurator, they allow visitors to design and configure one-of-a-kind timepieces from 1 and a half million design configurations.

The watch design service is already available in Germany online and through participating Porsche dealerships. From September 1st 2020, it will also be available in the United States.

How to use the Porsche Design Timepiece Configurator

How the digital Porsche Design watch configurator works
As mentioned earlier, the online watch configurator follows similar lines to Porsche’s renowned car configurator. As with their cars, the watch can be digitally visualised down to the small details enabling customers to get an accurate representation of their timepiece.

The first step in creating a future classic
The first thing you’ll need to start with is a case. The case size is set at 42mm, and the choice is between a black titanium case coated in titanium carbide via PVD and a glass bead-blasted natural titanium case.

Porsche Design Chronograph WERK 01 100 movement

A new in-house movement
Porsche Design has introduced a new in-house calibre for the custom chronographs. It is a COSC-certified movement with 48 hours of power reserve and a customisable winding rotor. The movement also features the wheel designs found on the latest generation 911.

There is a choice of six rotor designs including the classic 911 Carrera trim with the two-tone Porsche crest in its centre to the 911 Carrera Exclusive Design wheel version with a gold badge. You can even customise the colour on the rotor edge as with the wheels of an actual Porsche car.

These rotors are an accurate 1:22 scaled-down version of the original rim. The Porsche crest on the rotor is only 3.3mm wide and 4.4mm high, a little smaller than the 50mm version found on the vehicle rim. Nonetheless, it is still visible to the naked eye.

Stitching on a Porsche Design leather watch strap

Watchband options
To ensure you get the precise watch to meet your vision, there is up to 300 watchband configurations available. You have the choice of a metal (skin-friendly titanium) band with screwed-down links or a leather strap; both are available in three sizes. There are also two types of closing mechanisms, a seven-strap fine adjustment and a butterfly clasp with lateral buttons.

The leather straps use the same hide found in the range of Porsche motor vehicles and come in the 14 official colours found in the 911. You can also choose from 19 different colours of stitching. All in all, this equates to 300 different strap configurations.

Porsche Design Chronograph Bezel and Dial

The Dial and Bezel
The dial features minute markers in the style of a classic Porsche speedometer and is personalised via inlaid coloured rings. You can choose from 27 Porsche 911 exterior and interior colours to get the precise look your after.

Even the hands can be personalised, with the customer able to choose either classic Essence in black or sporty Performance hands in matte-white with red tips. The watch’s bezel can also feature either traditional minute markers or a tachymeter for tracking speed or distance.

Porsche Design watch customisation tool

The final touch – Custom Laser Engraving
One way to ensure that your Porsche Chronograph is unlike any other in the world is by adding some laser engraving to the back of the case. This service can also be applied to the box along with adding emblems, custom fonts or even a graphic logo.

Live real-time pricing is shown on the Porsche Design configurator as the timepiece is created. The prices start from $6000 but best not get too click-happy as the prices could go up to $12,500. The chronographs will take anywhere from eight to twelve weeks to make and include three additional leather straps.

For more information on the Porsche Design bespoke timepiece service, visit www.porsche-design.com.

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A Bespoke Porsche Design Custom Built Timepiece with a Few Clicks 2


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