It’s Flexibility and Diversification that’s Leading Private Jet Demand

It's Flexibility and Diversification that's Leading Private Jet Demand

The founder and CEO of Exquisite Air Charter, Rena Davenport, weighs in on the traits that have propelled private aviation to new heights following the pandemic.

The private jet demand has reached historic numbers during the past two years. While demand is reaching its peak in the U.S. market after subsequent double-digit increases throughout the past 18 months, the industry made its mark and demonstrated to the world that its reliability when it most matters is truly unique.

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Rena Davenport.

From repatriation flights to reuniting stranded families after the collapse of commercial air connectivity to humanitarian operations during the pandemic, the business aviation industry confirmed that luxury is just the tip of the iceberg for this market. In fact, I can responsibly say that luxury is not what moves this industry, but rather time efficiency, flexibility, and the ability to completely tailor the travel experience. Luxury is just an add-on to the previous.

Actually, its flexibility and diversity of services have always been private jet charter’s unique traits, yet these were only visible to those new to the industry during the pandemic. First-time private air passengers opted for this service due to need, especially as a result of the mounting uncertainties of commercial flights. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, once you try private, there’s no going back, which is a big opportunity for the main players in the ecosystem.

First-time private jet travellers, availability, and diversification
The recent rise of first-time private jet travellers has shifted the expectations towards the industry and added some pressure on private jet charter companies like Exquisite Air Charter to manage more flight requests while navigating global aircraft availability issues.

Adapting and being transparent with each passenger is paramount because availability limitations will remain a constant in the market if demand continues high; therefore, it is up to us to accommodate and promise achievable solutions. Aircraft availability issues will probably continue throughout 2023 due to a lag in deliveries by manufacturers, which means private jet providers will need to continue going above and beyond to accommodate passengers’ requirements.

Diversification of services is a key ingredient to reduce the pressure created by demand, and those actors that can provide a wider array of solutions will be best positioned to thrive. Having the ability to adapt and focus on specific revenue streams is a rare privilege in any industry; whether offering medical air ambulance flights, the ability to fly pets or use a private aircraft to move cargo, this industry is second to none. Private aviation providers who can diversify their services and adapt to the circumstances are better positioned to meet customer expectations.

A great example of the previous is the NBAA’s No Plane No Gain initiative, which focuses on how private aviation boosts the economy across the U.S., connecting remote locations without proper commercial connections. Its main focus is highlighting the industry’s great levels of reliability and time efficiency while explaining with facts how it boosts productivity and saves money in the long run.

A female steward welcoming passengers into a private jet

In a nutshell
Private aviation demonstrated its value during the pandemic thanks to its two building blocks: flexibility and diversification. Whereas consumer expectations around travel have also changed, the industry’s best interest is to remain true to its essence of superior service and reliability while allowing each passenger to really control how they want to experience private travel. Managing these expectations while educating new customers will go a long way in establishing long-term relationships.

About Exquisite Air Charter
Based in Los Angeles, Exquisite Air Charter is a boutique operation that builds long-term relationships and provides very personalized service to every customer. Exquisite Air Charter’s aviation knowledge and expertise facilitate relationships with executives at the most highly regarded operators in the world, and those relationships assist us in providing top-notch service to our clients.

Authored by Rena Davenport.

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It's Flexibility and Diversification that's Leading Private Jet Demand 2

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