Pruneti Brings their Chianti Classico Extra Virgin Olive Oil Range to the UK

Pruneti Brings their Chianti Classico Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the UK

Pruneti has been making delicious extra virgin olive oil for more than 160 years. In what will come as excellent news to chefs and cooks around the country, they are now officially bringing their world-renowned products to the UK.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the world’s superfoods. There are a vast number of health benefits for those who consume it. These include the reduction of heart problems and high blood pressure, protection against diabetes. It has antibacterial properties and is fantastic for one’s skin and hair, along with a long list of other health benefits.

A view of their well stocked olive groves

One of the ‘hidden secrets’ in the extra virgin olive oil industry is Pruneti. They’ve been around for more than 150 years and sit right at the top of the tree when it comes to combining quality with flavour.

The good news for healthy foods fans, chefs and cooks around the UK is that they’ve at long last brought their excellent food offerings made with Chianti Classico to our shores and are sure to be influencing Britain’s menus and kitchen from now.

Paolo and Gionni Pruneti sampling their produce
Paolo and Gionni Pruneti sampling their produce.

Paolo Pruneti understands just how important the UK market is to the brand and, in particular, London. His decision to move into the UK market was inspired by the increasing number of British visitors to his region who instantly fall in love with the extraordinary landscape and local cuisine, sometimes even buying a second home there.

A photograph showing the beautiful landscape where the extra virgin olive oil is made

He is quick to point out that the UK extra virgin olive oil market is dominated by brands offering medium to low quality produce. This prompted him to select a team of experienced outlets to assist him along with making the product available. One of these will be the soon to opened online store

One of their primary partnerships is with the Food All Lab. The reason they were chosen is down to their in-depth experience of the London consumer market. Food for All will host Pruneti’s three extra virgin olive oil collections along with the Pruneti Extra Gallery titled “Made with Oil”.

People sampling in the Pruneti Extra Gallery

2021 will see a raft of Pruneti events, which will start with co-branding projects and targeted distribution. Following this, the company will be introducing products into luxury and fine food shops in London and around the UK. In addition to this, there will be an interactive space inside the Egro retail outlet.

Selena Pellegrini, the co-founder of Food All Lab, said, “We appreciate the innovative history and bold investment strategy of Frantoio Pruneti. We are, moreover, struck by the organisation’s clarity of vision and by the professionalism and capacity of the Pruneti team as it continues to build its global activity and carry its product around the world.”

These partnerships show how serious the company is in getting across its sustainability message and the best ways to lead a healthy contemporary lifestyle. Their products are an ideal and healthy way to enhance the flavours of just about every type of cuisine and can be used by everyone, from the home chef to the professionals.

Three varieties of Pruneti extra virgin olive oil in bottles

When it comes to flavour options, the Chianti Classico infusion encompasses a broad range from complex and persistent to intense or delicate and spicy or bitter; it is this flexibility that distinguishes Pruneti’s extra virgin olive oil from other brands in the marketplace.

Pruneti’s extra virgin olive oil is an ideal accompaniment to traditional British dishes but is also equally at home in Asian, South American and African dishes, to name but a few.

The Prunetti Monocultivar extra virgin olive oil collection

Pruneti in the UK – Where and how?

The Monocultivar (above), Fruttati and Colline di Firenze collections can be purchased in the new Pruneti multisensory boutique in the Egro’ shop in Islington Square and will soon be available via a UK dedicated website.

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