The QMS Medicosmetics Collagen Concentrate 7-day System Gets Tested

A QMS Medicosmetics Collagen Concentrate 7-day System ampoule

Finding products that can help reverse the signs of ageing is far from easy. The cosmetics market contains products claiming to do astonishing things, and uncovering the ones that work is difficult. We were offered the opportunity to test QMS Medicosmetics Collagen Concentrate 7-day System, and we eagerly agreed as we had a sneaky feeling that this is one of the few products that will do what it claims.

Ageing skin is something we will all experience; it’s a fact of life. Globally, women and men are constantly looking for products to help with addressing the ravages of time. The cosmetic beauty market is filled with products designed to do this, with most making bold, often outlandish claims. Sadly, these fancily packaged products rarely do what they state. If there is any noticeable difference after using them, it is likely to be borne from a placebo effect or wishful thinking.

A short while back, QMS Medicosmetics contacted us, suggesting we try one of its products. For us to agree to test a cosmetic product, it has to be something we think is worth spending our time testing and writing about. After doing our usual research, we agreed that QMS Medicosmetics Collagen Concentrate 7-day System was a product that probably goes against the grain and would likely do what it was created to do.

It’s no secret that as we grow older, our skin loses its elasticity and wrinkles form. Even those who maintain the best beauty regimes from the earliest days find it nigh-on impossible to retain their youthful looks in later years. Many things can cause the skin to age prematurely, including too much exposure to the sun, a poor diet, air pollution, stress and a lack of sleep, amongst others. Sadly, these things come part and parcel with modern-day life.

If our bodies continued to produce a decent amount of collagen throughout our lives, there wouldn’t be a need for the multi-billion dollar anti-ageing industry; sadly, it doesn’t.

Why the need for collagen?
Collagen is an essential protein in the body and is the special ingredient that keeps one’s skin looking youthful and plumper. However, as we age, it depletes, causing the skin to sag and wrinkles to form. The solution is to get this vital ingredient back into the body, which is what the QMS Medicosmetics Collagen Concentrate 7-day System is designed to do.

A woman removing one of the ampoules from the box

About the Collagen Concentrate 7-day System
The QMS Medicosmetics 7-day system comes in a small blue box with white lettering, vastly different from most other anti-ageing products, which are usually adorned with fancy embossed lettering and scientific claims and numbers. The box contains seven ampoules, each containing 3ml of collagen concentrate. Although this doesn’t sound like much, you’ll be surprised, and I will explain why a little further into this piece.

The liquid inside the ampules is said to be packed with collagen and peptides. QMS Microcosmetics state that its formula has been designed to deeply moisturise the skin, and it will renew elasticity and firmness, producing plumper, more hydrated skin with a glow.

The collagen liquid in the pipette

Applying the Collagen Concentrate
The top of the ampule is a squeezable dropper that sucks the liquid into a glass pipette. QMS Microcosmetics suggest applying half an ampoule onto the face in the morning and evening, followed by one regular moisturiser. I must admit that half an ampoule was far too much for me. The clear liquid goes a long way, and I found it easy to cover my face with far less than half liberally.

The contents of the 7-day set next to its boxWith so much left over, my husband Paul decided he wanted to get in on the action and each day; he used up whatever remained in the ampoule on the parts of the face he thought were sagging, particularly around his eyes and mouth.

The dual testing wasn’t something that was pre-determined; it was simply down to there being enough liquid in the ampoule to completely cover my face in the mornings and evenings, with enough left for Paul to do the same on specific parts of his face.

Final thoughts
At the end of the seven days, I was pleased with the results. Some of my fine lines had disappeared, other more pronounced grooves and wrinkles were less pronounced, and my face seemed softer and plumper. However, Paul’s results were far more noticeable.

He was delighted by what he saw in the mirror, as he could clearly see a visible improvement in his sagging eyelids. And, like me, Paul’s face seemed a little plumper, and his marionette lines were much less noticeable. It is impossible to say others will replicate our results. All we can state from our tests is that the 7-day system did live up to our high expectations, and unlike most similar products in the market, we’re pleased to say that this one worked for us.

QMS Medicosmetics – Where and how?

QMS Medicosmetics was launched in 1986 by Dr Erich Schulte. While working with some severe accident and burn victims, Dr Shulte saw how beneficial collagen was in helping to heal skin and noticed its anti-ageing properties first-hand. It was this that prompted him to create QMS Medicosmetics and its bespoke range of skincare products.

QMS Medicosmetics products are available from its website In the UK, treatments and products are available from Liberty, Harrods, and net-a-porter.

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The QMS Medicosmetics Collagen Concentrate 7-day System Gets Tested 2

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