The Rayvolt Torino e-Bike has a 50 Mile Range and Looks Incredible

Rayvolt Torino e-Bike in white

e-Bikes are now incredibly popular and the only issue stopping many more people embracing the revolution is some rather plain and odd bike designs. The Rayvolt Torino does away with this problem. It looks gorgeous and has a range of up to 50 miles coupled with an intelligent pedal-power recharge system to help keep you going!

Politicians, the planet, even your conscience is telling you to switch from four to two wheels. With many cities gridlocked at certain times of the day, sitting in a motor vehicle, pumping out polluting substances is helping no-one. There is a better and obvious alternative, get a bicycle, and in an ideal world, one that will get you as much attention as a sportscar.

This is where the creative minds at Rayvolt come to the fore. Their latest premium e-Bike, the Torino, is a gorgeous looking retro-styled creation packed with innovative tech.

As you can see from the main picture the Rayvolt Torino is no ordinary e-Bike, it’s a true head-turner. But, in addition to style, you need some substance and Rayvolt has this covered too:

Powering the Rayvolt Torino
The Rayvolt Torino offers the choice of two motors. A 200-400w motor which is said to offer a smooth ride and a speed of up to 15.5mph. Or, you can choose an upgraded 250-1000w motor that allows you to go up to 27mph off-road.

How far can you travel?
The quality of the battery pack dictates the distance, and Rayvolt has paid great attention to this aspect. As standard, the Rayvolt Torino has 48V 504 Wh lithium-ion batteries which offer a range of up to 25 miles. Bear in mind; this will depend on how you ride it and the type of terrain.

If 20+ miles isn’t quite enough, you can upgrade to the more powerful 48V 936Wh battery which doubles the range to an impressive 50 miles. And, if you combine some pedal power with the regenerative braking system, you’ll discover you can go even further!

If you’re not familiar with regenerative braking (pedal power recharge), when you brake while riding the Torino, it generates extra electricity which boosts the batteries, thus extending the range.

Rayvolt Torino Customisation Options
The e-Bike is available in three colours: Graphene Grey, Peral White and Electric Green. There is also a range of accessories that can be added, such as a retro-style leather front pouch, rearview mirrors, clothing and helmet options.

The Rayvolt Torino e-Bike has a 50 Mile Range and Looks Incredible 4
I haven’t had the opportunity to get on the saddle myself. But if looks and specs are anything to go by, it’s sure to be a winner. Fortunately, I live in the sprawling green county of Lancashire and generally don’t have the hassles of traffic jams and hot crowded sweaty trains. If you’re one of those people craving fresh air and freedom, this could be an ideal solution. – Paul Godbold.
The Rayvolt Torino e-Bike has a 50 Mile Range and Looks Incredible 4

Rayvolt Torino – Where and how?

The Torino is available for purchase now and is priced from £3,360. You can discover all the other innovative features the bike offers and place an order at

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The Rayvolt Torino e-Bike has a 50 Mile Range and Looks Incredible 4


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