Richard Orlinski’s Peacock Marks the 100th Anniversary of Maison Albar Hotels

Richard Orlinski's Peacock Marks the 100th Anniversary of Maison Albar Hotels

The French sculptor and visual neo-pop artist Richard Orlinski has unveiled a new artwork, which takes the form of a Peacock. The unique piece was created by Richard to commemorate the Albar Family’s 100 years of working in the hospitality industry.

The Peacock is a fascinating animal, embodying beauty, nobility and pride; it also happens to be a symbol of the Maison Albar Hotels collection. As part of the hospitality group’s 100th-anniversary celebration, Richard Orlinski has created a piece that embodies his artistic universe and incorporates Maison Albar Hotels logo as its plumage.

You can watch a video explaining how the Peacock artwork idea was born and the creative process at

Two images showing the rear and head of the jade green coloured sculpture

The Peacock is on display at Maison Albar – Le Diamond (4 Rue de la Pépinière, 75008 Paris) until June 2023. In summer, the sculpture will go to Nîmes, Porto, before returning to Paris, where it will stay, before taking pride of place in the eagerly-awaited new Maison Albar address in Nice, which is set to open in early 2024.

About Richard
Moved by the will to make art accessible to as many people as possible, Richard Orlinski, a child of pop culture, has been bringing pleasure to people worldwide for more than 15 years. Inspired by wild animals, all symbols of freedom, power and passion, his artworks are instantly recognisable.

Céline Falco, through Maison Albar Hotels collection, has the ambition to share and promote the French Art of entertainment internationally, thanks to her boutique-hotels collection, all unique but with the same family spirit.

Richard and Céline standing by the large sculpture

Richard said, “Meeting Céline Falco, who is from the 4th generation of the Albar family, confirmed to me that we share the same values of authenticity, savoir-faire, transmission, and a strong desire to highlight French culture worldwide.”

Become the owner of the Peacock
At the opening of Maison Albar – Le Victoria in Nice (early 2024), a gala will be held, and at it, the sculpture will be auctioned, with all profits going to charity. Céline Falco and Richard Orlinski will choose which organisation will be the beneficiary at the end of the year.

“Beyond celebrating the 100th anniversary of the hotel history of my family in a unique manner, this artwork is the symbol of the collection carrying all our values. This is why I am extremely proud to know that in the end it will be sold for the benefit of an organisation which is dear to us.” – Céline Falco.

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The sculpture on display in the lobby of the group's Paris hotelRichard Orlinski's Peacock Marks the 100th Anniversary of Maison Albar Hotels 2

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