The RiutBag Crush, The Innovative, Ultra Portable Security Focused BackPack

The RuitBag Crush, The Innovative, Ultra Portable Security Focused BackPack

With the full onslaught of the festive period rapidly approaching, we accepted an invitation to test out the RiutBag Crush, a super-light, foldable backpack designed to make life difficult for those wanting to take what is yours.

We’re in that time of the year when retailers will be rubbing their hands with glee, as it is amongst the busiest times for shopping. In addition to the usual footfall, hundreds of thousands more will be joining them, popping in and out of retailers eagerly searching for gifts and treats, most focused on what’s in front of them, few concerned by what’s behind them.

Sadly, amongst the many thousands of smiling, well-meaning, festive-filled faces on the street will be, let’s call them, the ‘less salubrious members of society’ who will be out to take what’s yours. It is why Sarah Giblin created the RiutBag Crush.

A man wearing an orange jacket wearing the backpack while walking along a high street

For most people, dangling bags of shopping from the ends of their arms is tiring, and in recent times, people have found it more convenient to pop things into a rucksack, which utilises more and stronger muscles while freeing up the hands.

However, as convenient as this is, it comes with significant drawbacks, and that is people can sneak up behind you in crowded places, deftly unzip what’s on your back whilst you are blissfully unaware, and sidle away with the things you’ve worked hard for.

What’s needed is something with all the conveniences of a backpack that can make life difficult for thieves, and the good news is it’s here in the form of the RiutBag Crush.

A photograph showing the position of the zips on the back of the bag

RiutBag is a UK-based brand that is the brainchild of the British designer Sarah Giblin. The brand first hit the headlines in 2015, when its theft-proof bag with its zips hidden in the back panel was introduced to the world. Sarah has now made the design even more convenient with the RuitBag Crush, which adds super-portability and convenience to the much-lauded security-focused design.

As mentioned, the RiutBag Crush is super-lightweight, weighing in at just 270 grams. Although the bag barely registers on the scales, it still offers an impressive 14 litres of storage space. In addition to the generous capacity, it also brings peace of mind as all of the zips are located against the wearer’s back, making it practically impossible for someone to remove items without the wearer’s knowledge.

The backpack has three pockets: a top pocket, the main compartment (which requires no explanation) and a D pocket. The top pocket is around the same size as a fist and is ideal for storing small valuables. The D pocket is an ideal place to store a wallet, phone or small documents, and the wearer can access it while it is on their back.

The RiutBag Crush is made using a double layer of high-quality ripstop nylon, and strong YKK zips complement this. It’s also showerproof, which is essential given the unpredictable UK weather.

If being ‘showerproof’ is not enough, you can take things a step further by making it 100% waterproof with the optional cover, which sports a reflective surface, particularly useful for those on a walk/hike or travelling on two-wheeled transport.

The bag adopts a similar design approach to some of the lightweight jackets that fold up into their hoods. When not in use, the RiutBag Crush folds into its own zippable container, which is about the size of a petite women’s clutch bag.

A male and a female wearing the innovative backpack

Currently, the RiutBag Crush is only available in one colour, minimalistic black. However, this can be seen as a positive as it also makes it ideal for office workers wearing smart clothing.

Another feature of the bag is its lining, which is in a bright contrasting colour (ours was green). The theory behind this is it makes locating objects easier, providing they don’t match the colour of the lining!

Also, in keeping with today’s needs and wants, RiutBags uses no animal products in its designs, making them ideal for environmentalists and vegans.

An office worker wearing the backpack over his suit

Although the central theme of this review piece has been shopping, the RiutBag Crush is also equally useful for travellers and as an everyday way to transport essentials for office workers.

It is an excellent example of British design that would make an ideal Christmas gift, as its price tag will not ‘break the bank’. The RiutBag Crush is priced at £39.00 and can be purchased from the Riut website while stocks last.

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The RiutBag Crush, The Innovative, Ultra Portable Security Focused BackPack 2

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