The Best of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is Discovered Through Whispers

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Want You to Whisper About This

The word whisper is linked to secrecy, exclusivity and reverence. It could be why Rolls-Royce Motor Cars decided to call their online member club Whispers, a place specifically created for owners offering access to a range of incredible offers and unforgettable events.

As a Rolls-Royce owner, you expect superb aftersales service and to be treated well. The Goodwood based company certainly think so too, setting up a members club called Whispers which hosts exclusive events, offers and products.

The online club is headed by Rolls-Royce’s luxury Intelligence Unit, specifically created to gather information on customer desires, requirements, interests and sets a goal to provide unique matches.

Whispers club was set up over two years ago, launched to a few select people to trial it. It has now developed and evolved with feedback from Rolls-Royce clients.

In the years of operation, the Intelligence Unit has put on one-off events that money can’t buy. Fantastical, imaginative travel such as their Antarctica expedition, creative activities like building a personal racetrack or listening to a world-class orchestra. The Intelligence Unit’s mission to inspire greatness.

When Covid-19 took hold, grounding everyone and cancelling travel and events, the Intelligence Unit had to put their heads together. They wanted to meet their goals despite the restrictions, so they came up with concepts that can be done by their members in the safety and comfort of their own homes. The unit has surveyed its clients to learn what they have been doing since the lockdown was imposed.

To accomplish their aims, the Intelligence Unit has had to work around the restrictions to continue to provide bespoke activities to their select members. Family-based tasks have become popular during isolation, so this was the focus of the team. Using modern technology, they have been very creative, bringing the outside into peoples’ homes.

Magic Castle on the Rolls Royce Whispers Club

Prestigious California-based Magic Castle have organised virtual magic lessons from a magician which have been well received. Also, reading has proved popular, especially the incredible range of first edition classic children’s books on offer.

Being stuck indoors has increased the interest of nature with all the benefits that it has to offer.

The Intelligence Unit sought to reproduce this environment at in the members’ homes. This was achieved by introducing mood-enhancing situations, such as examining the power of plants and the extraordinary health benefits they bring, have been eagerly read by members. Live-streamed Safaris from the wilderness of Africa have been brought into the members’ homes.

Time has played a crucial part in lockdown with people generally having more time to kill during the day. To overcome this, Whispers wanted to encourage its members to educate themselves or learn a new skill. Providing courses online has been greeted well, with Photography, Painting, Design all attractive to the clients.

Members have been drawn to the extraordinary world that Rolls-Royce inhabits. Recent posts published on Whispers have examined a subject close to the heart of Rolls-Royce – moving image art. In an in-depth interview with Chinese artist and nominator for Muse, the Rolls-Royce Art Programme, Cao Fei examined the future of Video Art, while the Luxury Intelligence Unit penned an insight into the immersive world that digital art presents.

Food has been playing a massive part in keeping people happy during the Lockdown, and Whispers addressed this by finding some of the best food suppliers in the world who can deliver to client’s homes.

Rolls-Royce Motors certainly looks after the well being of their clients, not just their beautiful cars. Don’t Whisper it, shout it out the club deserves to be applauded.

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The Best of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is Discovered Through Whispers 2


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