New Eco-Cocktail Menu at Rosewood Hong Kong and Bangkok with ecoSPIRITS

New Eco-Cocktail Menu at Rosewood Hong Kong and Bangkok with ecoSPIRITS

From the 10th of October onwards, DarkSide at Rosewood Hong Kong and Lennon’s at Rosewood Bangkok will be elevating beverage sustainability with new a new menu of ecoCOCKTAILS crafted with locally sourced ingredients, complemented by ecoSPIRITS’ low-waste technology, and they’ll be available at all restaurants, bars, and lounges in the hotels.

Next month, DarkSide at Rosewood Hong Kong and Lennon’s at Rosewood Bangkok will add an “E” to the word cocktail with a brand new menu of tasty tipples using ecoSPIRITS technology. The green-focused initiative will help to extend the growing celebration of the low-carbon revolution across the bar industry and has been enthusiastically adopted by Director of Bars Simone Rossi (below) from DarkSide and Bars Manager Giuseppe Carneli, Bars Manager at Lennon’s.

A smiling Simone Rossi at Darkside

“We’re excited to continue our collaboration with ecoSPIRITS for the second year and bring it to new heights by involving our Rosewood Bangkok sister property,” says Simone Rossi. “Our ecoCOCKTAILS II menu maximises our waste reduction and creates incredible tipples for our patrons, so it’s a sustainable win-win for both bar and guests.”

In 2020, ecoSPIRITS estimated that more than 40 billion glass bottles of spirits were consumed worldwide, with the vast majority ending up in landfills. ecoSPIRITS is a revolutionary development for the waste-heavy bar and beverage industry. It eliminates glass and cardboard packaging waste whilst dramatically improving shipping, storage, and cost efficiencies for high-end spirits with reusable 4.5L ecoTOTES™ containers. After being emptied, ecoTOTES™ are returned, sanitised, fitted with tamper-proof seals and re-distributed back to bars and restaurants.

Three of the eco cocktails side by side on a bar top

“Rosewood Hotels & Resorts have been wonderful partners in helping reduce single-use glass waste by embracing the ecoSPIRITS technology. From Hong Kong to Bangkok to London to Bermuda, individual Rosewood Hotels will showcase remarkable beverage creations using sustainable spirits in ecoTOTE format. I cannot wait to taste these latest collaborations on the ecoCOCKTAILS II menu at Rosewood Hong Kong and Rosewood Bangkok.” says Paul Gabie, CEO of ecoSPIRITS.

Extending the concept further, the ecoCOCKTAILS II menu is on sustainable, compostable paper embedded with tree seeds. Guests can take the menu home and plant it in soil — as the paper composts away, all that is left behind is new life and zero waste.

Crafted ecoCOCKTAILS by Rosewood Hong Kong

  • The ecoLADA
    This is a floral and refreshing interpretation of a Pina Colada and comprises low-waste Plantation Dark rum infused with Rosewood bars’ surplus coconut oil and leftover salted lime cordial, mixed with homemade, low-waste Tried & True Vodka infused with pineapple skin and pandan.
  • The ecoFFEE
    DarkSide’s version of an espresso martini takes the foundation of the classic cocktail and twists it with a lighter and fruitier approach. The ecoFFEE is concocted with a distillation of low-waste Widges Gin and reused coffee grounds, clarified orange stock yielded from whole leftover oranges, and homemade Banana Oleo Saccharum macerated from banana skins that would otherwise be discarded.

Crafted ecoMOCKTAILS by Rosewood Hong Kong

    For guests who delight in the tangy, sweet, long drinks, this refreshing mocktail uses all citrus remnants from Rosewood’s kitchens and bars that are then mixed with vinegar and hot water to preserve their taste and create a sharp-flavoured citrus stock. This is combined with locally produced “SALTY CITRUS” kombucha, made in collaboration with local producer Taboocha, upcycling from the kitchen’s citrus fruits and leaves.

The homemade eco cocktails in bottles ready for serving

Crafted eco Homemade Liqueurs

  • The ecoCitrucello
    This is made with low-waste Widges Gin infused with orange and lemon remnants and lime peel for five days. The liquid is then filtered, and sugar syrup is added for a concentrated and satisfying sipping drink.
  • The ecoPineapple Skin and Pandan
    Pineapple skins are cooked for 30 minutes, added together with leftover pandan leaves to low waste Tried & True Vodka, and cooked again at exactly 60 degrees for one hour. The liquid is then diluted with sugar syrup to bring this tropical drink to life.
  • The ecoFFEE and Vanilla
    Recycled coffee from all Rosewood bars is infused with low-waste Tried & True Vodka, then macerated for 24 hours with a vanilla pod, cardamon seeds, cinnamon stick and a touch of Palo Santo. The final flourish is mixing with a homemade cold brew coffee syrup.

The three ecoCOCKTAILS on offer at DarkSide from 10th October are priced at HKD160 + 10% each, while the eco Homemade Liqueurs are priced at HKD120 + 10% each.

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New Eco-Cocktail Menu at Rosewood Hong Kong and Bangkok with ecoSPIRITS 2

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