Royal Range Rover Used During President Obama’s State Visit Goes Up For Sale

Royal Range Rover Used During President Obama's State Visit Goes Up For Sale

A car that was previously owned by Queen Elizabeth II and driven during a state visit by former US President Barack Obama has been listed for sale. The Range Rover, which was used by the late Queen around Windsor Castle, is on the market for £224,850. It’s being sold by Bramley Motor Cars, based in Surrey.

The Loire Blue vehicle was previously equipped with covert lighting and police emergency lighting, along with specially adapted fixed side steps – and additional grab handles to the rear passenger compartment, which enabled the monarch to hop in and out of the vehicle more comfortably. While the grab handles remain, the other features have since been removed.

The vehicle made a high-profile appearance during President Obama’s state visit to the United Kingdom in April 2016. Prince Philip accompanied the Queen when it was driven to meet President Obama and his wife, Michelle Obama, as they stepped off Marine One after it landed on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

At the time it was unusual to see the president and his wife in the vehicle because American presidents rarely travel outside of their heavily armoured cars.

The interior of the royal Range Rover

Bramley Motor Cars Sales Manager Jack Morgan-Jones said the Loire Blue vehicle, which currently has 18,000 miles on the clock and was first registered in 2016, was a “very special” car.

He added that the vehicle bores the same number plates used while in royal service. Mr Morgan-Jones added that while this was unusual, it gives future owners confirmation of the car’s history.

A photograph of the dashboard and steering wheel

It is the third time the Range Rover has been sold, having first gone on sale in 2019. Speculating, Mr Morgan-Jones said, “What we find when we have this sort of car is that typically it’s bought by the chap that’s maybe had lots of exotic cars and now gets excited about cars that have a real story to them, a great history and ultimately something that you know that other people can’t buy.”

According to reports, there had already been interest from “around the world”. The Royal couple had various Land Rover vehicles throughout their lives. The full listing is sold by Bramley Motor Cars in Surrey on the Auto Trader website and can be viewed online here.

Images courtesy of Bramley Motor Cars.

A side profile view of the former Royal vehicleRoyal Range Rover Used During President Obama's State Visit Goes Up For Sale 2

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