The Royal Yacht Britannia Celebrates Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Wedding

Royal Yacht Britannia Celebrates Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Wedding

It’s not long until the wedding of HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and what could be more fitting than The Royal Yacht Britannia marking this occasion in their own special way?

With the country becoming more excited about the next Royal wedding, many of the UK’s finest establishments are getting prepped and ready. If you want to celebrate this happy occasion in some true royal style, we might have the perfect option for you.

The Royal Yacht Britannia’s Royal Deck Tea Room will be serving a special menu featuring the Royal couple’s favourite dishes. Growing up, Prince Harry and the Royal Family spent their summer holidays on board Britannia, so the Britannia should know what he likes!

The set-priced celebratory menu will include a Roast Chicken sandwich inspired by Harry & Meghan’s proposal dinner, a Lemon and Elderflower cake based on their choice of wedding cake, and a Negroni cocktail.

The Negroni is the bride-to-be’s favourite cocktail, made with gin, Vermouth Rosso and Campari, garnished with a swirl of orange peel.

The Royal children loved spending time aboard Britannia. As Princess Anne fondly remembers, “We found, as children, there was so much to do, and we expended so much energy doing it that we couldn’t describe our time on the Yacht as a rest.”

Complimentary chocolate delicacies will be on offer to visitors on the day, and to top off the celebrations on board, an extravagant wedding cake, designed and hand-crafted by The Royal Yacht Britannia’s Executive Pastry Chef Stephen Espouy, will go on display in The State Dining Room from 18-20 May.

Britannia is the official headquarters of the Association of Royal Yachtsmen. In the week leading up to the Royal Wedding, the former Royal Yachtsmen, ‘Yotties’, will be returning to Britannia for their annual working party, Yotties Week.

Visitors will be able to chat with the Yotties and hear their stories of life aboard in Royal Service and tales of the fun and games the Royal children got up to, from playing on make-shift water slides and helping steer Britannia to stirring the Christmas pudding, a time-honoured tradition.

The special Harry & Meghan menu, £22.50.

  • Roast Chicken Sandwich
  • Lemon & Elderflower Cake
  • Negroni Cocktail
  • Tea/Coffee

The Royal Yacht Britannia

About The Royal Yacht Britannia
Britannia is owned by The Royal Yacht Britannia Trust (Registered Charity No. SC028070). The Trust’s responsibility is to maintain and preserve Britannia in keeping with her former role and to display her to the public as a key part of British maritime history.

The Trust is a wholly self-funding, not-for-profit, charitable organisation. Income generated from running the Royal Yacht as a visitor attraction and events venue goes towards preserving the yacht for future generations.

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