Sabina Savage’s The Artist’s Pen – Limited Edition Objet d’art

Sabina Savage's The Artist's Pen - A Limited Edition objet d'art

Sabina Savage has unveiled The Artist’s Pen, an exceptional, limited edition fountain pen, with one of her signature designs delicately enamelled on it. The edition will be limited to just five exquisite Objets d’art, each one numbered in turn.

In today’s digital world, writing by hand is both a rarity and a luxury. Writing words by hand is becoming rarer as each year passes, with most people frequently opting to convey thoughts and messages with the comfort of a delete button and spellchecker.

Writing by hand requires significantly more consideration and is a far more personal way to convey a message. Thankfully, people such as Sabina Savage is keeping this beautiful art alive, and her latest creation, The Artist’s Pen, is set to make writing by hand even more special.

The original handdrawn design on paper ready to be replicated into the fountain pen

Each of Sabina’s intricate illustrations has been painstakingly hand-rendered, taking weeks or months to complete. Once printed onto fabric, her scarves are hand-edged, and her ornate placement-print clothing is all meticulously hand-constructed in her London atelier. It is incredibly rare to see a modern brand being so reliant on the manual art of undertaking tasks by hand.

A side view of The Artist's Pen on a marble surface

Produced by Royal Court Jewellers, Cleave, The Artist’s Pen is strikingly decorated in a fresh and elegant palette. It features an adaptation of Sabina’s celebrated design, The Royal Striped Horses, inspired by the Royal Menagerie housed at The Tower of London from 1200 to the early 1800s. The illustration depicts a majestic zebra fleeing the tower, taking with her several pieces of the British crown jewels.

In order to adapt the design for enamel work, Sabina studied the enamelling process in detail to understand the heritage craft. With the expertise and guidance of the Cleave master craftsmen, she traced her original pencil illustration by hand and fitted it to surround the pen seamlessly.

A side view of The Artist's Pen on a marble surface with its cap removed

The crowned zebra gracefully leaps the full length of the design and turns effortlessly into alignment when the pen is closed. She wears the crown of Margaret of York and carries the golden Coronation Spoon, alongside a blue flower which spirals falling petals around the body of the pen.

At the head and base of the pen read the words’ Striped Horses’ – an allusion to the unfamiliarity of such foreign beasts in the Modern Era.

A close up view of the barrel of the pen

This adapted design was then carefully brought to life in the workshop. To increase the depth and iridescence, the background of the design is guilloché (precisely engraved with a repeating pattern) and hand-filled with translucent enamel.

Opaque enamel is then manually applied to the features of the design, allowing the intricate details to gain prominence. The Artist’s Pen is keeping the by-hand tradition alive, both in production and in the product.

One of the limited edition pens in its case made by Cleave

The five Artist’s pens will be available to purchase exclusively from Sabina Savage for £4,250.00. Each of the pens will be accompanied by a gift box, leather presentation case and a leather pen sleeve.

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Sabina Savage's The Artist's Pen - Limited Edition Objet d'art 2


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