Sage Green in the Bedroom Can Help You Get a Great Night’s Sleep in 2022

Sage Green Could be the Secret to a Great Night's Sleep in 2022

Sage green bedrooms are set to be the most significant design trend of Spring/Summer 2022, according to data from Google and Pinterest Trends, with searches for ‘green bedroom ideas’ on the rise in the first quarter of this year. And aside from looking good, it could also result in a better night’s sleep.

Colours have an enormous impact on the human psyche. Each day, colours are being strategically used in stores, on billboards, in print and on TV, and for the same reason, to provoke an unconscious reaction. Most people tend to miss this and don’t realise that the use of colours is causing their brains to think in a specific way.

The same technique can be used when it comes to relaxation. According to bedroom experts, having specific colours in the room you sleep could be an incredibly positive thing, and Sage Green is one colour that offers far more benefits than you would first imagine.

“Sage green in both fashion and interiors has been a growing trend over previous months, but it is now in 2022 when it is really dominating our wardrobe and home interior choices – especially in the bedroom”, says interior designer Megan Baker from My Fitted Bedroom.

“This is because people are starting to really understand and appreciate the wellbeing benefits of this colour and how it can support people’s wider mental health and enhance sleep.

Two examples of how you can use green in the bedroomYuna Bedding in Sage and Water Based Acrylic Eggshell Paint by Morris & Co in Leafy Arbour – both from The Rug Seller.

“Sage is a calming colour that is helping designers and homeowners take the biophilic trend one step further by ‘cocooning’ with nature in a room. Because it is a versatile shade – it can be used at scale, and this colour blocking effect can have transformative results by fully immersing people in what could be one of the natural world’s most soothing shades. This feeling of being in nature is said to be great for our mental health, and as such, the colour has growing associations with self-care, making it a popular choice for the bedroom.

“But that’s not the only reason why it is becoming so popular as the lead colour in bedroom design – if used correctly, this non-stimulating shade could even help to promote enhanced sleep. Whether it’s a light sage or darker hue, Sage is a relaxing and soothing colour that can help people unwind after a long day, supporting a sleep and self-care routine.”

Megan’s top tips for decorating with sage in the bedroom:

My Fitted Bedroom’s Heritage design in Clover

Don’t be afraid to go big and bold
Whether it’s light or dark, sage, in all its strengths, is a calming colour that can be used at scale to create a versatile room that will stand the test of time.

Sage green painted walls or a block of sage green furniture, such as a fitted wardrobe, can update a bedroom in a modern way, and it provides the perfect starting point to build your design scheme around.

Using a bold green block will help create that soothing sleep space that people are craving – so hold back on the pattern on the walls and be brave and go big with block colour.

Use green to enhance period features
If you have a period property, sage is a great shade to enhance period features such as a fireplace, wooden floors and a more traditional design scheme.

A Ted Baker bedding set using calming coloursUrban Forager Botanical Bedding by Ted Baker.

Add pattern and enhance the biophilic elements of your design with accessories
Sage complements so many different colour palettes and works particularly well with other shades of green, so bringing in leafy prints and patterns into your bedding and accessories can help to add an extra layer of nature into your scheme.

Have fun with accessories, teaming sage with yellow and pinks.

Two green rugs with different shades and patternsHarrison Soft Boho Shaggy Rugs in Sage Green and Atelier Twill Rug.

Rugs are a fantastic and versatile way to add a splash of colour and extra comfort to the floor – again, think about how they can enhance the overall look and feel of your design with pattern and texture.

Smaller decorative accessories will add interest, a bit of fun, and a final design flair – don’t forget plants and foliage for that added biophilic element too.

  • Searches for Sage Green Bedroom up 50% according to Google Trends.
  • Searches for Green Bedroom Ideas are up in 2022 according to Pinterest Trends.

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Sage Green in the Bedroom Can Help You Get a Great Night's Sleep in 2022 2


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