Sandford Orchards Pink Rose Cider For Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Sandford Orchards Pink Rose Cider For Valentine's Day and Beyond

Indeed, many of us may all outwardly think that love sucks when it comes to Valentine’s Day, but inwardly, we all know that the world could do with a lot more of it. But love shouldn’t be limited to the romantic soulmate type, and here at Luxurious Magazine headquarters, we believe love should be celebrated beyond 14th February.

But that said, this ‘Special Day’ dedicated to love is a good place to start. If you’re looking to celebrate either Valentine’s or Galentine’s with something other than the typical chocolate and prosecco, set your sights on two perfectly pink cider options to quench your thirst for authentic cider.

Enter Sandford Orchards Devon Rose and Katja Rose.

A bottle of Devon Rose next to a full glass

Devon Rosé Cider (ABV 4%), 500ml bottles. RRP £2.85.

Devon Rosé (above) is an elegantly clean and fresh rosé cider, bursting with the fruitiness of Pinot Noir red wine grapes. It is a delicious, medium-sweet cider made from Browns, Katja and Jane apple varieties fermented with grape skins to give the cider a fabulous flavour and a beautiful blush colouring.

It can be enjoyed on its own or as the ideal accompaniment for a goat cheese tart or Devon high tea.

A bottle of Katja Rose outdoors on a wooden tableKatja Rosé (ABV 8%), 750ml bottles. RRP £11.00.

Katja Rosé is a sumptuous sparkling skin-contact rosé cider crafted from the dessert apple Katja produced using the Martinotti method and fermented with Rondo grapes.

It is a fresh and fruity cider which tastes of sun-ripened cherries and peaches, with hints of apple blossom and candyfloss, balanced with tannins from the wineskins.

The addition of the Rondo grapes bestows wine notes and an unmistakable rosé finish to the cider.

Katja Rosé is a delight in its own right but also the perfect accompaniment to lighter fare such as high tea or a salad niçoise.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about pinks and reds, but sometimes it’s a nice place to start. And a rose cider can be a light and refreshing alternative to heavier wines.

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