Scavolini Unveils its New Modular Walk-in Wardrobe System

Scavolini Unveils its New Modular Walk-in Wardrobe System
A corner configuration of Scavolini’s walk-in wardrobe in Garden Walnut, with drawer fronts and door in Titanium Grey matt lacquer, and Stopsol glass doors with dark steel aluminium frame.

There are probably very few people moaning they have too much wardrobe space. Frankly, it almost certainly the opposite. For those with less space than they’d like, we have some good news. Scavolini has just launched a new walk-in wardrobe system and it looks fabulous!

Next year will mark sixty years since brothers Valter and Elvino Scavolini launched the company. Initially focusing on kitchens, over the years they expanded their repertoire to include bathrooms, living areas and as you can see, the bedroom.

Over the six decades the company has been operating, it’s grown into a manufacturing giant and now operates out of a 204,000 sqm plant in Italy employing 700 people.

With an extensive history in creating high-quality products, you’re guaranteed that any new addition to their extensive range is going to be good and its new walk-in wardrobe certainly is.

Scavolini’s walk-in wardrobe can be described as an ultimate luxury and would undoubtedly be the cherry on a cake for any dream home. The new wardrobe system has been specifically designed to make the best use of any available space due to its modular design.

One of the main selling points is its 61cm depth which means it’s not going to take a disproportionate amount of space. Also, it has a load-bearing side-panel meaning it has the capability to be mounted on the left or right. With it being a modular system, it’s also able to be installed straight or can be configured to fit into a corner.

Scavolini walk-in wardrobe is very customisable
Top left: Compartments featuring glass doors are illuminated from within by built-in LED lights that illuminate when the doors are opened. Top right: Accessories include pull-out trouser racks and aluminium drawers with storage containers to keep smaller items organised. Above: Open-fronted compartments in Garden Walnut and drawers with Titanium Grey matt lacquer fronts and Orion Grey aluminium side panels.

Scavolini Unveils its New Modular Walk-in Wardrobe System 4If you have an abnormally large collection of specific accessories (shoes, hats etc.), don’t worry. The Scavolini walk-in wardrobe is available with a multitude of accessories including a pull-out frame, sliding clothes rack, racks for trousers and a range of shoe and storage drawers.

For fans of colour-matching, the wardrobe system is available in five colours; Seagull Grey, Pure White, Nuance Larch, Garden Walnut and Iron Grey. Inside are built-in LED lights and there is a choice of doors – smoked glass, Stopsol or lacquered.

Scavolini walk-in wardrobe is available in five colours
Above: Walk-in wardrobe in Garden Walnut with Titanium Grey matt lacquer door and drawer fronts, plus glass doors and built-in LED lighting.

Scavolini Unveils its New Modular Walk-in Wardrobe System 4The Scavolini walk-in wardrobe costs from £5000 and as we mentioned earlier; the company also specialises in solutions for other rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom meaning you can get a consistent look throughout the property if you’re planning on improving more than just the bedroom.

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Scavolini Unveils its New Modular Walk-in Wardrobe System 6


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