Why the Selo Group’s Selong Development is a Luxury Paradise for Surfers

Why the Selo Group's Selong Development is a Paradise for Surfers

Slated to follow the path of the ski industry, surfing will become big in the future. Award-winning developer Selo Group is capitalising on this trend with their luxurious development in Lombok, Indonesia.

Ong Chin Huat speaks to the group’s CEO Andrew Corkery about its new flagship Selong Selo Resort & Residence which is located on the pristine and scenic island many people ‘in the know’ are hailing as the new Bali.

Selong Selo Resort & Residences hillside luxury villa

Luxurious Magazine: Could you tell us a bit about the Selo Group’s flagship resort in Lombok, Indonesia
Andrew Corkery: Selong Selo Resort & Residences is our award-winning flagship resort and residences that opened on the coast of South Lombok in Indonesia in 2016. The property is only a 25-minutes drive from the Lombok International Airport and offers more than 50 privately owned luxury villas with one to seven bedrooms and access to 5-star amenities, including a full-service spa, clubhouse, Aura Bar & Lounge, a kids’ club, and beach club access.

The villas are positioned across 16 hectares of hillside and feature sweeping views of the Selong Belanak Bay.

Male and female surfer leaving the sea at Lombok

LM: How did you come across this land in Lombok, and why did you decide to develop a resort there?
Andrew: The island of Lombok is the fastest-growing tourism market in Indonesia, resulting in a unique window of opportunity for buyers to invest in property on the island while it remains exclusive and at a good value. With its amazing surfing spots, natural beauty, lush jungles and beyond, it is an oasis for beachgoers, surfers, and outdoor enthusiasts to escape to for sanctuary.

My co-founder, James Kibble, and I visited Lombok many years ago and fell in love with the beauty and potential of the land. We saw an opportunity to use our team of experts to provide quality accommodations that cater to a clientele interested in exploring this incredible area.

LM: Is the Selong Selo Resort and Residences completed yet? If not, when will it be?
Andrew: Not yet. The Resort & Residences closed temporarily in 2020 because of COVID-19 to protect guests and team members. However, with no guests on-site, we used that time effectively and are close to finishing construction on the property’s remaining villas by 2022. The numerous on-site facilities have been completed for residents to enjoy, though.

Selong Selo Resort & Residences

LM: Why did you decide to implement pre-crafted villas at the resort & residences?
Andrew: The Resort & Residences are not part of the pre-crafted process, but the interior design is able to be customised to owners’ preferences.

Pre-crafted construction is the practice of assembling a variety of components at a manufacturing site and transporting them to a requested location. This method allows our expert craftsmen to build the villas sustainably and with the highest efficiency anywhere in Indonesia.

LM: Is sustainability an important factor for the Selo Group? If so, why?
Andrew: Yes, sustainability is one of the group’s core values. Preserving the environment is prioritised at every stage of the development process, from construction to delivery and beyond. We have a “zero waste” strategy that is a key focus internally and externally, and any excess materials are recycled in-house, which is a considerable improvement to sending waste directly to a landfill from a traditional construction site.

A woman enjoying the increidble views from a hilltop villa

Building our pre-crafted villas off-site inside a custom facility eliminates exposure to the elements and minimises construction waste. And reduced time and activity on-site also lighten the environmental impact of the building process.

Lombok’s natural beauty, clean oceans, and vibrant communities all make the region such a unique destination, so our goal is to help preserve these elements for locals and visitors to enjoy. Our villas have a lifespan of 50+ years and can be passed down to different generations that can experience this special place.

Woman enjoying stunning views over the sea from a bathtubLM: What do you think sets the Selong Selo Resort & Residences apart from the rest?
Andrew: In addition to the 5-star resort amenities, the Resort & Residences offers full rental management of the villas for owners through an experienced and international hotel management team.

The division also creates and implements rental marketing and resort supervision to ensure owners can earn a healthy yield and receive significant capital appreciation.

Every detail, from land purchase to design, construction, and management, is handled for buyers.

The property’s location overlooking Selong Belanak Bay is also a standout feature.

Also, as surfing becomes more mainstream via Wave Parks, we believe the sport will follow the path of the ski industry. Once surfers are confident with their abilities in the Wave Parks, they will want to venture into the wild and spend more time in top surfing areas around the world. The global surfing market is projected to be worth USD3.9 billion by 2027.

A recent study showed that 91 per cent of surfers from a variety of countries had taken an international surf trip in the past five years, and this demand was driven by a desire to find uncrowded, high-quality waves. Since telecommuting will continue to grow and people will have more flexibility on where they live, buyers will focus on real estate sales in remote, beautiful locations to be in places they can do activities they love, such as surfing. Selo’s beachfront properties are perfect for these surfing enthusiasts.

LM: What percentage of the residences have been sold already?
Andrew: 90% of our residences have been sold so far, so we encourage buyers to reach out if they are interested in learning more.

Outside one of the villas showing an infinity pool looking out over the sea

LM: Are customers purchasing residences in Selong Selo to use themselves as a vacation home or most buying as an investment to rent out?
Andrew: This varies with our clients. Some purchase a villa to enjoy with their loved ones, while others see the space as part of their investment portfolio and rent it to travellers. The villas start at USD $248,000 and have a long lifespan because of regular maintenance, so there is an opportunity for a significant revenue stream for those interested in investing.

LM: With this global pandemic affecting travel, what are the trends you see in the luxury property investments in Asia for the current year?
Andrew: We have found that real estate buyers will focus more on investment opportunities in locations that offer high value and low impact tourism, in other words, destinations that offer memorable and immersive travel experiences without negatively affecting the environment or communities.

Buyers will also focus on remote luxury experiences, boutique branded residential developments, and opportunities in remote locations that are prepared for telecommuting.

We are also seeing a notable rise in the luxury surf market, including an increase in surfing-focused vacations and a transition to a more high-end customer, so more tourism projects will be developed to target those consumers.

A view inside one of the luxurious villas

LM: So far, what is the breakdown of nationalities who have purchased a villa at your development.
AC: Our clients include expatriates within the region, including Singapore, Hong Kong, and also those from the U.S. and Europe.

About the Selo Group

If you want to discover more about the Resort & Residences and the Group in general, please visit www.selogroup.co.

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