By Popular Demand, Sharpham Dairy Launches Cheese Celebration Cakes

By Popular Demand, Sharpham Dairy Launches Cheese Celebration Cakes

South Devon’s Sharpham Dairy is bowing to public demand by launching some quite spectacular cheese celebration cakes. The cakes are tasty showstopping towers and will take pride of place at weddings, corporate events, parties or pretty much any reunion.

There’s a cheese to suit every taste, and for those that have an intolerance to cheese, all we can say is hard luck, and read on to see what it is you’re missing. Sharpham Dairy is situated on the banks of the River Dart in Totnes in South Devon. For forty years, they’ve been producing cheese using milk for their very own herd of cows along with neighbouring goats’ and sheep milk via traditional methods.

The Sharpham Dairy cheese celebration cake offers a new way to enjoy a get-together

Creating the perfect cheese celebration cake
When it comes to putting together your perfect cheese celebration cake, you can choose from nine multi-award winning cheeses along with Shapham chutney’s and Peter’s Yard sourdough crackers. The cheese celebration cakes can be as simple as a three-tier creation; however, if you want to push the boat out, Sharpham Dairy also offers a rather extravagant six-tier cake tower crowned by a piece of heart-shaped cheese at the top.

We appreciate that even the most experienced cheese fans might have trouble choosing the right flavour combination. Not to worry, as the Sharpham cheese team can guide you with everything from velvety semi-hard Rustic with elderflower notes to the smooth, silky Brie and the complex, mushroom Washbourne sheep’s cheese.

The ordering process
Each cheese celebration cake is individually crafted, shaped and aged from scratch to ensure it’s the perfect centrepiece for the occasion. The process is personal to fit each booking.

It starts with a phone or conference call to understand the exact requirements. Following this, the customer is welcome to visit Sharpham Dairy in the beautiful Dart Valley to meet the cheesemakers and decide which cheeses work best. If that’s not possible, Sharpham Dairy will send a cheese taster box to the customer in the post.

Once the cheeses and accompaniments have been confirmed, Sharpham Cheese sets to work, crafting the individual cheese celebration cake. They will then ensure they have correct timings and instructions to deliver the cheese cake at its best, along with presentation and care information.

The heart shaped piece of cheese that sits atop the cake

Sharpham Cheese’s Nicky Parsons says, “There’s no doubt that a good wodge of cheese to celebrate a marriage is gaining in popularity. Our cheeses are all handmade here in Devon, with each small batch unique to Sharpham Estate. Flavours, aromas and textures are influenced by the terroir here – thanks to the wide variety of grasses and herbs that grow in the Dart Valley.

“Discussing the right cheeses to make any event extra special is such a pleasure for our team, who are happy to help every step of the way.”

For more information on the Sharpham Dairy Cheese Celebration Cakes and to place an order, visit

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By Popular Demand, Sharpham Dairy Launches Cheese Celebration Cakes 2


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