Shoreditch Arts Club is Evoking Curiosity Amid London’s Gallery & Culture Scene

Shoreditch Arts Club is Evoking Curiosity Amid London's Gallery & Culture Scene

Art allows us to express ourselves. It also promotes curiosity and encourages creative thinking. And while the digital world has opened a whole new way of being exposed to art, there really is no substitute for experiencing some of life’s pleasures in ‘real’. It’s the reason why arts clubs continue in popularity, and places like the newly opened Shoreditch Arts Club are gaining new members.

We’ve long witnessed arts clubs in London’s upmarket Chelsea and Mayfair districts, so it’s refreshing to see Shoreditch Arts Club, an exclusive members club, occupying a former warehouse in a trendier part of the capital.

People chatting outside and entering the Arts Club

While the exterior may not be something to marvel at for too long, inside, you’ll find all art forms, including paintings, sculptures, installations, performances, moving images and sound.

Shoreditch Arts Club is the shared vision of Joel Williams, who was clear in his mind that the club should be a space for art though not a gallery. He had the idea to create an environment akin to an avid collector’s home.

The bar area inside the club

While Joel brings a wealth of experience in hospitality, food and beverage, curator Ché Zara Blomfield works with local collectors, artists and galleries to bring the Shoreditch Arts Club to life.

The duo’s aim is to create a space that changes with the seasons and continues to inspire and delight its members, evoking their curiosity time and time again.

The theatre/cinema room inside the Club

And while ‘real’ art is on display, art in all shapes and forms can and do co-exist at the club. The first floor is home to three projection walls built to showcase a moving image art programme playing host to commissioned artworks.

The programmes change throughout the days and seasons. The large lobby plays host to a rotating programme of installations, exhibitions, and events. So there is always something new for members to explore.

One of the spaces where people can socialise and share ideas

Meeting and mixing with others on the same learning journey is part and parcel of an arts club, and there are plenty of places for members and guests to mingle at Shoreditch’s landmark Tea building on Redchurch Street. These include a restaurant, café and bar where members can enjoy sustainable food and drinks.

A table filled with freshly made dishes

The kitchen, led by in-house chefs Mattia Luminelli and Davide Morganti, uses local organic garden ingredients, and the menus offer plenteous vegan and vegetarian dishes. Cocktails are designed by the award-winning mixologist Walter Pintus.

Inside the private dining room

Working and lounge areas and meeting rooms allow members to further indulge in the space at the club, while a 24-seat cinema means taking in detailed visual images in an intimate setting.

Club members also benefit from a range of partnership offers, including those with local businesses and international partners, to create an ever-expanding network in the art world.

Shoreditch Arts Club – Where and How?

Shoreditch Arts Club is open to members from Tuesday to Saturday, 8 am to midnight; for more information, visit

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