Silence Electric Scooters Could Help to Revolutionise UK Commuting in 2021

Silence Electric Scooters Could Help to Revolutionise UK Commuting in 2021

Ultra-clean two-wheeled motoring is coming to UK roads courtesy of the Spanish electric scooter company Silence. Their eye-catching designs are guaranteed to turn heads while playing an important part in satisfying the country’s appetite for greener transport.

I love riding all forms of two-wheeled transport. My first foray was via a BMX as a child, and since then, I’ve ridden many forms of bikes powered by all-manner of motors.

The recent advancements in battery technology have started to find their way into the field of electric motorcycles and mopeds, also called scooters. One of the company’s leading the charge in greener transport is the Spanish company Silence.

In this article, I’ll be looking at what models they’ll bring to UK shores and what it is that makes their offerings so desirable.

A Silence electric scooter in green paintwork

About the company
Silence is a Spanish company located in Barcelona. They now have a British Distributor formed by some well-respected people from the Automotive industry.

In Britain, two-wheel transport is on the rise with a high percentage of new sales made up of electric machines. This has been partly driven by consumer behaviour and regulation changes, particularly in urban areas.

Cities across the UK are looking to control traffic and lower emissions from conventionally powered vehicles. London has already expanded the Ultra Low Emissions Zone. It seems like they will be charging old motorcycles wanting to enter the city soon too. The public is reacting to these charges by turning to electric vehicles exempt from congestion and emissions charges.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has also made people concerned about using public transport to travel, whether for social use or commuting.

All the Silence electric scooters have been designed, engineered, and assembled in Europe. The Spanish brand is actually the largest specialist EV company in Europe and has been developing scooters for more than a decade.

Image showing the electric scooter battery being removed via its dedicated trolly

The Silence scooter family offers a combination of performance and everyday practicality thanks to its patented lithium-ion battery power. One of the nice features of the Silence Scooters concerns the battery, which can be released with its ‘click-and-go’ and innovative patented trolley system, allowing you to charge it via any 240V socket.

Another feature I like about the Silence scooters is their ability to add extra charge while on the move. This achieved via the braking system, which generates extra power when slowing down.

As the scooters are 100% electric-powered, they produce zero emissions, and for those who prefer a more serene commute, they are also silent with minimal vibrations. Another big bonus with the scooters is the running costs, which are estimated to be around £1 per 100 miles travelled. This results in a massive 80% reduction when compared to current alternatives.

The Silence electric scooter app for Android and IOS

The Silence scooters are packed with technology and offer extra functionality via a dedicated app, which is compatible with both Apple and Android platforms. Some of the features of the app include the ability to locate your scooter along with locking and unlocking it. You can also plan and follow routes with Google Maps through the app, so you are always on the best course and never lost.

Which Silence Electric Scooters will be available for purchase?
Four models will be initially available. The flagship scooter is the S01, aka “The Commuter”. This model is targeted at urban commuting and everyday journeys. Its performance is said to be similar to that of a 125cc scooter or motorbike.

It has been specifically engineered for town and city use providing spirited performance and exceptional carry-on space. The Commuter provides a range of up to 80-miles with a top speed of 62mph.

The business-focused Silence S02 and S02 LS Long Range are called “The Professionals”. These scooters are ideal for door-to-door delivery services and urban business use. The light-weight Silence S02LS is limited to 30mph with a 5.6kWh battery, 1.5kW motor and gives a range of up to 91 miles. For better performance and carrying capability, the more powerful S02 adds a 7kW motor and has a range of 80-miles with a (limited) top speed of 56mph.

The above models are available with a wide range of business accessories ranging from large top boxes to windscreens.

The Silence S02 LS “The Starter” (low speed) is the all-electric answer to the moped, which sits nicely in the popular 50cc band. This scooter is aimed at younger riders or those who never need to go above 30mph and are more budget-conscious. It has a 2kWh battery and 1.5kW motor and will travel up to 35 miles on a full charge.

Image showing the controls on the handlebar which should be familiar to all scooter riders

All the Silence scooters are said to offer a similar ride to a traditional scooter, making the transition for existing scooter riders quite straightforward. Controls will also be very familiar with their simple twist-and-go throttle and front and rear brake levers.

Riders of the newly introduced electric scooters should expect effortless performance on these machines coupled with a decent amount of practicality coupled and good stability thanks to their low centre of gravity.

The scooters are now on sale in the UK and come with a two years comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty for the scooters and three years for the battery, plus two years’ AA UK roadside assistance cover.

Silence electric scooter storage space

I am relishing the thought of riding one or more of their models from April 2021. I have read, seen and spoken to people about the Silence Electric Scooters, and I am quite sure I’ll have a good amount of fun riding in the environment they are aimed at. Who wants to join me?

Silence Electric Scooters – Where and How?

Silence electric scooters are priced from £2,695 to £4,995 OTR. More information, including details of how to purchase, can be found on their official website

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