Why the SIXPAD Abs Belt is an ‘AB’-solute Must-Have Fitness Product

Why the SIXPAD Abs Belt is an 'AB'-solute Must-Have Fitness Product

Let’s face facts; most of us reading this would do almost anything for a flat, toned stomach. Particularly with the medical sector constantly telling us we could all do with getting into better shape. Is the very impressive-looking, tech-laden SIXPAD Abs Belt an easy way to do it?

For most, this year has been unlike any other in living memory, there’s something nasty in the air, and currently, we don’t yet know exactly how to rid ourselves of it. However, the best medical minds on the planet suggest one way to ensure you’re well-placed to deal with it if it comes your way, is to lose the excess weight. This is where cutting-edge products like the SIXPAD Abs Belt come to the forefront.

In our household, we are both quite fortunate being comparatively slim and active. I’m shaped the way I am, as I work out multiple times daily, and my husband’s physique is purely down to genetics. Although I tend to use aerobics and weights, my husband is more tech-focused and has a cupboard full of fitness gadgets, including multiple types of EMS abdominal belts.

I was quite surprised when he excitedly showed me a large box and said, “for the next six weeks, we’ll be trying this – the SIXPAD Abs Belt”. Armed with a broad smile on his face, he confidently stated that he knows for sure that this one works, and as I had far better ab development than he does, I would be the test subject.

I must admit that when we opened the large white box it came in, we were impressed. It certainly looked like a high-quality piece of equipment and was far more substantial than the ones hidden away the cupboard. I recall my husband saying something about a world-famous footballer using it, and if it was good enough for him, it’s bound to work!

The eight stimulation pads on the belt

What does the Abs Belt consist of?
The Abs Belt is made from silicon rubber and has six pads at the front for abdominals and two wider ones at the side specifically for obliques. As we mentioned, it is a high-quality piece of equipment and is available in medium and large sizes; the large-sized belt weighs in at 1.8kg with the medium version weighing 1.3kg. Inside the box, you’ll find the abs belt, a storage board to place the belt on when not in use, a mains charger, support belts and the instruction manual. It also comes with a two-year warranty which should offer some peace of mind.

One of the big positives of this belt is it does not involve mess like other EMS products that require a conductive gel to be smeared. The SIXPAD gel pads are peelable and adhere to the back of the belt. Handily the manufacturer has put marked areas showing you precisely where to put them.

How does it work?
The belt works by transmitting external electrical stimuli to the muscles in the body, causing them to contract and relax just as they would during exercise. Some words of caution, on the top level of 20, the contractions can be quite intense.

The SIXPAD Abs Belt app screens

The Abs Belt App
The SIXPAD Abs Belt works with a free downloadable app. Once you’ve paired them up via Bluetooth, it shows a wireframe outline of a body along with the current battery level on your phone. The app allows you to choose what it should be working on, for example, abs or obliques individually or both at the same time.

You then have the choice of intensity level, this ranges from 1-20 and once enabled, the graphic changes showing which muscles are being worked. Each session lasts for 23 minutes. As I’ve mentioned, level 20 is quite extreme, and for those not used to this type of muscle stimulation, it could feel a tad uncomfortable. If you have an already a good set of abs like I do, the highest intensity level will come as quite a shock – literally.

Once the workout is finished, detailed feedback in the form of training results is provided along with achievement badges and comments and advice from the Godfather of EMS training, Professor Toshio Moritani.

There is probably no person more suitable than Professor Moritani to endorse a product of this type. He is a leading authority in the field of sports science, having researched and studied the training effects of EMS for more than four decades.

  • Through his research, he identified 20Hz as the optimum EMS training frequency. At 20Hz:
  • Strength of muscular contraction is at its highest affording enhanced muscle power.
  • Muscle tension is maintained over time, allowing sustained efficient training – at other frequencies, fatigue quickly sets in.
  • More oxygen is consumed, and training efficacy is higher.
  • Fast-twitch muscle fibres that are fundamental to muscle tone are targeted without the need for heavy loading – this leads to noticeable changes in appearance.

It is these findings that are the foundations of the rather oddly timed 23-minute workout. The reason Professor Moritani decided to make the workout exactly twenty-three minutes and not twenty or twenty-five minutes is this is the optimum time needed for maximum results.

At the corner of the app screen is a plus sign, and when this is pressed, it provides more information such as a calendar showing the days it was used along with profile information and more.

SIXPAD Abs Belt being worn by someone reading in bed

The wireless capability makes all the difference
What makes this product so handy it is it wireless thanks to its rechargeable batteries. A single charge allows the belt to operate at maximum intensity for quite a few sessions. Once you get used to it, it can be worn while doing daily chores. For example, I wore the Abs Belt whilst mowing the grass and hoovering the house.

Final thoughts
Overall, my experience with the SIXPAD Abs belt was a positive one. Given I already had a high degree of abdominal development, I could really feel the effects, and afterwards, it felt like I had performed a decent dedicated abs workout. How effective it will be for others who are yet to embrace the joy of fitness training, I don’t know.

The only minor gripe I had was the gel pads started to curl after five weeks of constant use. Although I was able to continue using the belt, I don’t know if this has any impact on its effectiveness.

What I will say is that if you’re the type of person who wants to start to get into shape and cannot find the time to do so; the Abs Belt is an ideal way to put your foot on the ladder. It is quite discreet under clothing, and I tend to find that once you start to see results, you’ll be inspired to find the time to do other fitness-related activities. For people of a certain age, the SIXPAD Abs Belt coupled with taking regular walks, should be a simple way to get you looking the best you can.

It is a premium product, and the price reflects this. When we discussed the price, the common thread was, how much was too much when it comes to your health? If you asked me, would I recommend it? The answer would be yes.

The SIXPAD Abs Belt is currently on special offer until the end of October priced at £245.00, discounted from its usual price of £350.00.  It is available for purchase from the brand’s official website www.eu.sixpad.com.

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