Spinnaker Watches Fleuss Collection Introduces Oxblood Red and Prussian Blue

Spinnaker Watches Fleuss Collection Introduces Oxblood Red and Prussian Blue

Spinnaker Watches has added two new colours to their Fleuss range, Oxblood Red and Prussian Blue. The bold new colours are combined with a classic design and are offered at a price point that should put them within reach of the majority of buyers.

I am fortunate to write for Luxurious Magazine, where we get the most prestigious brands asking to be featured. I am also lucky that Paul, the owner, lets me source brands that I consider are deserving of being featured in Luxurious.

These companies may not be well known, and most will likely never be on the wrist of a celebrity. Still, in my opinion, they warrant being written about. Spinnaker Watches is a name I had not heard of, but I was impressed when I cast an eye over their collection.

The latest pieces to join the Fleuss collection are the Oxblood Red and Prussian Blue, colours we have all probably heard of from their use in paintings.

Spinnaker Watches Fleuss timepiece in Prussian Blue

The Spinnaker Fleuss is a functional watch that is elegant with iconic design elements aplenty. The timepieces are all powered by the NH35 Seiko Automatic Movement and boast a sleek case with a glass-topped luminous bezel that encases the movement.

The two new colourways of Oxblood red and Prussian blue represent the dial face that sets the luxury watch. The colours make a statement and move the collection into watches that can be worn on any occasion.

Montage showing the dial luminosity - day and night

About Henry Fleuss
Henry was born in Wiltshire in 1851; when he was sixteen, he joined P&O, becoming an Officer. During his service, he admired the Divers recovering lost cargo and went on to design and build his own invention. This creation generated and compressed Oxygen for Divers by absorbing their exhaled Carbon Dioxide gas. It then recycled the gas back to the diver as Oxygen. Fleuss’ work was later used in helping rescue miners trapped in the Severn Tunnel.

The Prussian Blue version bing worn on a mans wrist

Final thoughts
One thing I am constantly reminded of is a price tag does not define luxury. Luxury is different from one person to the next, and anything can be considered a luxury as, quite simply, it’s a treat for oneself. Yes, I realise that much of what we write about is out of reach for the majority.

However, one thing I’ve learnt is that just because a person has money, it doesn’t mean they want to whittle it away on the most expensive things they can!

The Spinnaker Watches Fleuss timepieces are attractive looking diver style timepieces, and their price point puts them within reach of many watch fans. If you’re looking for a new watch, cast your eye over the Spinnaker range, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what £240.00 will get you.

Spinnaker Watches Fleuss Collection – Where and How?

All Fleuss watches are styled from nostalgia and built to modern watchmaking principles. The iconic Spinnaker Watches timepiece pays homage to its namesake, the pioneering diving engineer and master diver, Henry Fleuss.

  • Movement: Japanese TMI NH35 Automatic Movement with 3 Hands and Date
  • Case: 316L Stainless Steel
  • Case Diameter (mm) : 43
  • Case Thickness (mm): 13
  • Lens: Scratch Resistant Sapphire Lens with Anti-Reflective Coating
  • Bezel: Unidirectional Bezel with Hardened Glass
  • Band: 22mm Blue Genuine Leather Strap with Normal Buckle
  • Water Resistance: 150m
  • Warranty: 2-Year International

The Spinnaker Watches Fleuss Collection timepieces are priced from £240.00. For more information about the brand to view the other watches in the range, visit https://spinnaker-watches.co.uk.

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Spinnaker Watches Fleuss Collection Introduces Oxblood Red and Prussian Blue 2


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