St-Rémy’s Spirit Inspires Artist Lucas Beaufort To Create Limited Edition Bottle

St-Rémy's Spirit Inspires Artist Lucas Beaufort To Create Limited Edition Bottle

Autumn is well and truly upon us, and what better way to warm your cockles than with a brandy in hand? Often sipped as a post-dinner drink, the concoction is prepared from a fruit-based mash that is rich in antioxidants. Medically speaking, brandy can even help in boosting the human immune system during winter. And now, just in time for the cold snap, St-Rémy, the world’s number one French brandy, has collaborated with celebrated French artist Lucas Beaufort to launch a limited-edition bottle design.

The exclusive collaboration is sure to make St-Rémy lovers sit up and take note as the creative label helps tie the worlds of fine spirits and urban artistry. The creative design has been crafted to captivate collectors, art enthusiasts, and connoisseurs alike.

Renowned artist Lucas Beaufort brings his revered, vibrant street art vision into the St-Rémy brand with a stunning limited-edition bottle design that showcases his signature urban style.

Lucas sampling the spirit in the vineyard

The Cannes-born artist, who uses acrylic paint on various supports, including trees, guitars and shoes, was inspired to join forces with the brand after tasting the St-Rémy XO with Master Blender Cécile Roudaut.

Talented Lucas Beaufort was so captivated that he set about his creative hand to bring a blend of dynamic colours and dazzling geometry to illustrate the feelings evoked by his taste session.

Lucas sketching on a table set out in the vineyard

At the centre of this collaboration lies the shared values of authenticity, generosity, and open-mindedness, both of which are close to Lucas Beaufort and St-Rémy. You could say it’s a meeting of two artists: Lucas, the painter of colours, memories, and emotions, while Cécile, the Master Blender, expertly crafts harmony from the diversity of French terroirs.

Two photographs, the first showing Lucas' sketch, the second, the bottle and box with his design on them

“Collaborating with St-Rémy on this project has been an incredible opportunity to fuse the worlds of art and Savoir-faire,” said Lucas Beaufort. “The design of this limited-edition bottle encapsulates the spirit of both our artistic endeavours and the refined excellence of St-Rémy brandy.”

Lucas Beaufort has often spoken about the importance of getting the taste for sharing and discussion in his artwork. It was this exact notion that led him to illustrate St-Rémy XO’s bold flavours of vanilla and wood, paired with the delicate notes of ripe fruits and honey, into different shades of colours.

A photograph of Lucas walking with a bottle in his hand, the second photo is of him leaning against a barrel with the bottle and box placed on it.

“Diversity is the cornerstone of both Lucas and St-Rémy’s artistic expressions,” said Aveline Rimbaud, Executive Director at St-Rémy. “For St-Rémy, it’s the diversity of the eaux-de-vie sourced from the different regions, grape varieties and vineyards of France. Meanwhile, for Lucas Beaufort, it’s his palette of colours, shapes, emotions, and memories that fuel his creativity. We share the belief that harmony is born from diversity.”

Cécile and Lucas discussing ideas at the outdoor art table

Both Cécile Roudaut and Lucas Beaufort embody the spirit of exploration in their unique ways – searching, waiting, observing, and adapting. And when such worlds collide, they can result in the flow of fantastic ideas and magnificent creations. You’ll agree that this striking label is destined to be some collector’s item that will prompt taste and discussion among friends and family, exactly as Lucas Beaufort envisioned.

St-Rémy XO Tasting Notes

  • Appearance: It is a luminous amber with a rich golden aura.
  • Nose: Mature nose underpinned with echoes of oak and delicate vanilla aromas, layered with hints of ripe fruits and honey.
  • Palate: A rich palate of flavours. Subtle notes of wood and vanilla are enriched with flavours of gingerbread, candied apricots, dates, figs, and nuts. This complex taste is subtly spicy and offers a long finish.

St-Rémy – Where and How?

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Lucas signing one of the bottlesSt-Rémy's Spirit Inspires Artist Lucas Beaufort To Create Limited Edition Bottle 2

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