STANDSEVEN & WOFH – A Charity Event For the prevention of EBOLA

STANDSEVEN & WOFH - A Charity Event For the prevention of EBOLA

As a member of the editorial team, I always pay particular attention to charitable events held around the world. I truly think that charity, not only in the form of economic aid but also in the form of moral support, is extremely important.

In particular, today I would like to bring to the attention of our readers the Ebola virus that, especially over recent times, has unfortunately been part of the daily news due to the increase in infections detected in different geographical areas such as South-West Africa.

Many international organizations, public and private subjects have mobilized to support and give help to these populations.

Shine On Sierra LeoneThis Christmas STANDSEVEN and WOFH (Woven Objects For Humanity) are joining forces to provide a special event and wonderful opportunity to purchase gifts for our families and friends and, in the meantime, support those people affected by Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.

The event hosted by award winning celebrity stylist and Shine on Sierra Leone Goodwill Ambassador, Tara Smith, will take place at private members club the Library Wednesday 17th December, 4pm -7pm.

‘Shine On Sierra Leone’ is an organization that integrates sustainable healthcare, education, microfinance and development to create the future of Sierra Leone.

In the last decade, Shine On has been an incredibly effective organization to facilitate innovative and socially progressive partnerships between Sierra Leoneans and the west.
Since the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus, Shine On has worked tirelessly to help those in need and ultimately put an end to this disease for good. Tara Smith will talk about Shine On and its vital work to offer an insight to the Ebola crisis.

On the other side, STANDSEVEN is an internet destination offering online trunk shows of design products that create positive social impact, collaborating with renowned artists and designers to create limited edition pieces, such as the stunning ‘Stool 7’, created by architect and designer, David Adjaye.

Every single stool sold is going to pay for one Ebola response kit for a family unit in Sierra Leone.

Finally, WOFH scarfs and blankets are hand-woven by generations of master artisans and women in Sierra Leone. Weavers purchase sweaters that have been donated from around the world; each one is unwoven, re-spooled and woven into strips using traditional looms. As a result, each creation is a one-of-a-kind combination, a global piece of art. These handmade products will be on sale at the event and 20% of the sales devolved to the Shine on Sierra Leone.

Although I do not speak on behalf of the whole team here and am not in a position to provide a direct endorsements for any particular charity by Luxurious Magazine, on a personal level,  I would wholeheartedly suggest to all the people nearby, come and join this special event and give generously to help Shine On Sierra Leone in the support of eradicating the Ebola crisis this Christmas. Very often, what is for us an act almost insignificant, for many other people is a decisive help. – Simone Zeffiro

If you cannot attend the event, please, visit STANDSEVEN’s official website to purchase the Stool 7, WOFH’s hand-woven scarfs and blankets, as well as many other unique artisan products.

Venue Details
“Library”, 112 St Martins Lane, London, WC2N 4BN +44 (0)203 302 7912

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