How Sunday Bedding is Creating Better Sleep and Easing Consciences

How Sunday Bedding is Creating Better Sleep and Easing Consciences

No one should need an excuse for a lie-in, but if you must find one, place the blame on Sunday Bedding, producers of incredibly comfortable, ethical and sustainable bed linen. Ong Chin Huat, who, like many, is a huge fan of a great nights sleep, wanted to learn more about the Asia-based company.

Believing that a good night’s sleep is essential for mental and physical wellness, newly married couple Alex Fan and Clara Teo set out to create a bed linen brand that would encompass all the values they both believed in.

The result is Sunday Bedding, a range of quality bed linen that’s well-made, reasonably priced and designed to provide maximum comfort to ensure a good night’s sleep. Add to these enticing qualities the fact that Sunday Bedding is produced ethically and sustainably – they have 100 per cent ownership of their factories which means they are completely transparent over working conditions along with minimising environmental impact.

They firmly believe that sustainability is not simply slapping on a label (e.g. “organic”) but also about achieving efficiency and reducing consumption across the entire manufacturing process, making any consumer sleep easy.

The founders, Clara and Alex sat on a bed with their bedding

Alex comes from a bedding textile family in Hong Kong, and Clara possesses an MBA from Columbia University, where she met Alex, who was doing the same. They decided to venture into the home bedding business when they began shopping to furnish their new home together and realised how easy it was to get lost in all the confusing jargon like ‘thread count’ and ‘weave’ without really knowing how these things affect sleep.

“From there, the idea of creating a brand to dispel the myths around bedsheets was born,” Clara explains. “Sunday Bedding is our solution to all that frustration and to bridge the disconnect between people’s sleeping habits and the wealth of bedding options available.”

A book, grapes and very comfortable bedding, what more do you need?

And the options that Sunday Bedding themselves offer include three different types of material; Bamboo Sateen, French Linen and 100% Organic Cotton. The bamboo sateen is their best seller and is derived from bamboo. The major advantage of this is it is fast-growing and has a net carbon-negative footprint during the growing process. They chose French Linen because it is an incredibly durable fabric that can last ten years or more and gets softer with each wash.

Based in Singapore, Sunday Bedding is only available online, and as an independent and regional brand, their products are adapted for the local markets in Malaysia and Singapore. “We understand that everyone sleeps differently, and we have the manufacturing capabilities and experience to address different sleep needs.”

Two small dogs sitting on a bed

Designed specifically for hot and humid climates, Clara explains that the Bamboo sheets are both moisture-wicking, cool-to-the-touch and hold up well to frequent washings. “Our duvet inserts are filled with Tencel fibres instead of polyester or down so that it is thinner and lighter than most inserts… it also allows the duvet to achieve a level of softness without retaining excessive heat.”

Made in Alex’s family-owned facilities based in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, Clara explains that their commitment to producing ethically and sustainably is shown by Alex’s family factories are MADE IN GREEN BY OEKO TEX certified, which requires the most demanding certification with respect to health and safety, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Clara examining some of the company's bath towels

Sunday Bedding also works with other production partners with the same ethos of quality and sustainability. For example, their bath towels are made in Turkey and are OEKO-TEX certified and part of the Fairtrade Foundation and Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Their upcoming throw blankets are made in Portugal with a partner that has a 46-year-old history, and a dedicated team focused on developing more sustainable materials.

A duvet and pillow set in natural colours

Positioning themselves ahead of the curve, Sunday Bedding also has expertise in digital printing, which sets them apart from other bedding brands. They collaborate with local designers to tell their stories and create limited editions of their artwork on their bedding. A recent example would be the “Fields of Gold” collection created in conjunction with a local fashion brand that specialises in hand-painted artwork on fabrics.

She advises bedding novices to focus on thread count and consider other factors that make sheets, such as the material and weave, which can achieve the same effect as a higher thread count without compromising the fabric’s durability.

Made to last, Sunday Bedding has an average lifespan of between three to 10 years, depending on the chosen material – with French Linen being the most durable of all the offered fabric options.

A Sunday Bedding duvet on a wicker stand

For the future, Sunday Bedding has several exciting new product launches planned. Look out for their loungewear collection to include new fabrics such as chambray and a men’s collection. They are also launching a collection of organic cotton throw blankets that are sourced from Portugal and expanding their baby crib collection of bamboo sheets to include more designs.

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How Sunday Bedding is Creating Better Sleep and Easing Consciences 2


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