The Sylvox 15.6″ Kitchen TV is Smart, Stylish and Ticks all the Boxes

The Sylvox 15.6" Kitchen TV is Smart, Stylish and Ticks all the Boxes

Not everyone is blessed with a huge kitchen with masses of wall space ready to house the latest big-screen television, which is why Sylvox created its 15.6″ Kitchen TV. In this review feature, we take you through what it offers and explain why this small form factor television perfectly fills a niche.

A couple of decades ago, under cabinet televisions were ‘all the rage’; everyone who took pride in their kitchens seemingly had one, often replete with a DVD player. However, the introduction of thin, large-screen TVs took over, which has become the rage.

As technologically impressive as some of them are, not everyone has space for them or a willingness to have a large black rectangle adorning their walls or worksurfaces, which is why the Sylvox 15.6″ TV is somewhat of a ‘god-send’.

What Sylvox has created is a television that is similar in style to the much-loved under-cabinet models from days gone by; however, their version is packed with all the latest tech you’ll need, and with the screen folded, you’d be hard-pressed even to notice it was there.

The kitchen in our home is, without doubt, ‘my room’. It’s where I spend a lot of my time, whilst my husband prefers the sofas in our lounge. Often, I am in the kitchen for hours at a time, working away on my next culinary masterpiece and having a television, although not an essential, can be a much more palatable way to watch video cooking guides as opposed to a phone, and it’s always nice having a voice in the background.

Like many, we are not blessed with an abundance of wall space and have resorted to a 24″ television, which takes up valuable worktop space. When my husband Paul asked if I wanted to try an ‘upgrade’ that would barely take up any kitchen space and could be rotated 360 degrees, allowing me to watch my favourite cookery programs wherever I was, I obviously didn’t need to be asked twice.

An image showing the water resistant properties of the TV

About the Sylvox 15.6″ Kitchen TV
Sylvox has clearly put a lot of thought into the design of their kitchen TV. The IPS screen is contained within a wipeable metal housing and boasts waterproof soft touch keys to operate it, which makes it incredibly simple to keep clean. In addition, the company states that its television can operate in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 113°F.

Another handy feature of the kitchen TV is its easy-to-read LED clock with a 15-60 minute timer, and as you would expect, it can also be operated by a remote control, which also has soft, tough, wipeable buttons.

Two images showing the TV at different angles and a further images showing its inputs

Installing the television is very straightforward, and once in place, it only adds a little under two inches to the bottom of a kitchen cabinet. The model sent by Sylvox was white, matching our kitchen cabinets, and with the screen folded away, you’d be hard-pressed to notice it was there.

Interestingly, and something I hadn’t considered, Sylvox states that their TV isn’t restricted to being mounted under a cabinet; it can also be mounted inside one, which would make it completely invisible when not in use.

An images showing the screen viewing angles

Although many televisions have extraordinarily high resolutions, 4K, 8K, etc., the Sylvox 15.6 Kitchen TV has a 1080p HD LED screen. For use in the kitchen, I find that this is more than adequate, and the 170° viewing angle meant that I rarely needed to adjust the direction of the screen.

Audio comes via 2x3W speakers. Admittedly, it doesn’t sound a lot compared to other televisions currently on the market, but like the screen resolution, there hasn’t been an instance when I felt that I needed more. Even so, according to my husband Paul, it would be very simple to add external speakers if required.

Final thoughts
What Sylvox has created fills a niche in the market. It is a superb small TV that pretty much offers everything you’ll need. Connection to the WiFi was super fast, and watching online content was a ‘doddle’, as well as being hugely enjoyable. I loved the build quality, and unlike other TVs, I haven’t had any concerns about this one getting ruined due to its robust metal, wipeable casing.

Could it be made better? Of course! Sylvox could add bigger speakers, make the screen larger, and upgrade the resolution; however, that defeats the object. This is a television that is perfect as it is and does all it needs to. Well done, Sylvox, for creating something of quality that is practical as well as being stylish.

An image showing what you get with the TV

Syvox 15.6″ Kitchen Smart TV Information

  • Screen Type: Color active matrix LED display
  • Built-in Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4+5G full-band WiFi
  • Voice Control and rear port for easy access to the TV antenna
  • Screen Rotation: Screen flap down angle 90°, screen rotation angle 360°
  • Screencasting: Supports Android and Apple OS
  • Power adaptor: DC 12V=2A
  • Resolution: 1920 X 1080 FHD
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 16W
  • Sound output(Max): 2x3W
  • Image control: Fine digital control
  • TV receiver system: NTSC System, ATSC System
  • Frequency range: Antenna:2~69; Cable: 1~135(Analog:1-125, Digital:1-135)
  • Video IN: NTSC3.58
  • Operation environment temperature: 0℃-40℃
  • CPU: ARM Cortex-A55quad core
  • GPU: 50WMaliG31MP2
  • DDR SIZE: 1.5G Byte
  • eMMC Flash: 8G Byte
  • Weight: 7.72lb

The Sylvox 15.5″ TV is available to purchase online at

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The purpose built kitchen TV mounted under a cabinetThe Sylvox 15.6" Kitchen TV is Smart, Stylish and Ticks all the Boxes 2

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