Calcio Balilla by Teckell Takes Foosball to a Whole new Level

Teckell Calcio Balilla foosball table

Teckell’s Calcio Balilla Foosball (Table Football) takes a regular, everyday, traditional game to entirely new and luxurious heights.

For the few that have never played a game, Table Football is both a fun pastime and a full-blown sport for many due to its energy and constant action. We say ‘for the few’ as there are estimated to be more than a quarter of a billion players around the world, and they take the game very seriously.

In a nutshell, the aim of Calcio Balilla or foosball is to get your ball in the back of your opponent’s net more times than they get their ball into yours.

Teckell Calcio Balilla foosball woven goal nets

The game is so popular that at the higher levels, it is overseen by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITFS), which is based in France. Foosball even has its own World Cup, which is held every two years.

Although this stunning recreation from the Teckell designers retains the fun and action elements, it is a million miles away from the table most people are used to. This table should be considered more of an investment or a piece of high-end decorative art and is guaranteed to take centre stage in any household, games room or office.

Italy’s first commercial, Calcio Balilla, was made by Marcel Zosso, a French table maker launched in January 1950.

The carpenters working with him to produce the table were prisoners and casket makers, a far cry from the exquisite design we see in this current table.

Teckell Calcio Balilla foosball Made in Italy

The design and craftsmanship in Teckell’s Calcio Balilla elevate it to the top of the tree when it comes to Foosball game tables. The brand states the table will offer unrivalled performance, and let’s not ignore that it is an exquisite piece to look at.

This ultra-modern football games table is crafted with ½” thick tempered crystal glass playing field to help increase the game’s speed.

Teckell Calcio Balilla hand crafted walnut players

A walnut wood structure, handles, players and scoring units capture its robust capabilities. Meanwhile, the chrome details and polished stainless steel goal frames handcrafted with white or black nets complete this work of art.

This Italian-led and Scandinavian-inspired design blends seamlessly into any environment it is presented with. Designed for indoor use only, you will find discretely hidden adjustable feet for levelling the table to ensure you can achieve the optimum height for a competitive game of table football.

Not to mention, the rod ends feature two layers of shock absorption and self-lubricating bearings so that they can effortlessly slide back and forth.

Calcio Balilla by Teckell Takes Foosball to a Whole new Level 2

About Teckell
Teckell is an Italian Brand and part of B.Lab Italia, which was founded by Gianfranco Barban back in 2002. The brand is committed to following the steps of its Italian roots, where innovative Italian design meets avant-garde technology and exceptional materials.

Teckell Calcio Balilla – Where and how?

BLab Italia srl
Via Marmolada 20
21013 Gallarate VA Italy

Tel: +39 0331 774445

To find out more about Teckell’s Calcio Balilla Foosball Games Table, including pricing and availability, please visit the official website of the brand here.

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