The Comfy Wearable Blanket Provides an Instant Warm and Reassuring Hug

The Comfy Wearable Blanket Provides an Instant Warm and Reassuring Hug 3

From time to time, we are all in need of a hug, particularly over the last year. Imagine getting this reassuring feeling and warmth from throwing on a blanket you can wear. Well, you can now with The Comfy.

As we head through Spring towards Summer and the country gradually eases out of Lockdown, my interest in outdoor activities increases. I have recently taken up Open Water Swimming, or as we used to call it, swimming in the sea.

I must admit that my timing for this particular review couldn’t be better. Currently, the UK is in the midst of an unexpected cold snap due to an artic weather front that has engulfed the country.

Weather forecasters have said that there might be a possibility of snow falling and temperatures could fall into minus figures. So, anything which has been designed to keep me warm and toasty sounds ideal.

I live within a five-minute walk from the Solent so swimming in the sea during the Summer has always been available to me and more interesting than visiting the local pool. However, now I swim from early March through to October, which is invigorating and has physical and mental health benefits.

Some essential items of clothing for open water swimming

The downside to swimming in the UK pretty much any time of the year is the low air temperature, so when you exit the sea, your body feels the cold. It is essential to warm up and dry quickly, and one product I have found ideal for this is the Comfy.

Not initially designed for post-swim use, I find it meets the criteria superbly, plus its size allows me to undress beneath it, which cuts out all the kerfuffle compared to trying to use a towel.

A close-up view of the lining on the wearable blanket

The sheepskin lining dries and warms while the exterior shields you from the cold air. It’s the equivalent of drinking a bowl of tomato soup.

The Comfy comes in many colours and sizes, at a great price which is far cheaper than products made specifically for your post-swim recovery. The company label it as the wearable hug, and I agree. It feels like when your mum threw a towel around you at the beach and hugged you tight.

Young woman wearing a red check comfy wearable blanket

There are many other uses for the Comfy, one being cosy on the sofa, with it worn as a blanket. Ideal for walking the dog, getting the mail, cheering on the sidelines, dancing in the living room or raiding the fridge for snacks.

The Comfy – Where and How?

The Cozy Comfort Company LLC is family-owned and operated by brothers Brian and Michael Speciale–the creators of The Comfy®. Just a month after forming their company, The Comfy® was invited to make their pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank. With only a prototype in hand, they closed a deal, and the rest is history.

Available on Amazon £39.
A 15% reduction is available during the Amazon Spring event.
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The Comfy Wearable Blanket Provides an Instant Warm and Reassuring Hug 4


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