The Senzati Jet Sprinter Launches – Britain’s first super-luxury people carrier

The Senzati Jet Sprinter Launches – Britain's first super-luxury people carrier

Is it possible for road travel to feel truly luxurious, spacious and comfortable? Well, looking at the Senzati Jet Sprinter we think it is.

This month sees the launch of its unique Senzati Jet Sprinter, the first VIP Luxury People carrier of its kind in the UK. Senzati’s attention to detail, quality, build and finish will be appreciated by the most discerning of customers.

With 6’4” of headroom, seating for up to 8 passengers including the driver, an optional private bathroom, a fully connected mobile office and entertainment system, custom built all-pampering seats, maximum privacy and security and even an optional hostess service to look after you on your journey; this is the vehicle for road transport.

The Senzati Jet Sprinter

Dave Clark optimum, Senzati founder and CEO (and the man with such fastidious attention to detail) explains why he chose to combine superlative British craftsmanship with dependable German engineering: “The new Mercedes Sprinter is the perfect platform for our conversion, which we spec with their silky smooth 3.0 V6 engine and 7 Speed Automatic G-Tronic Gearbox. The key feature though, is the door. The biggest problem was getting unobstructed access to the rear club seating – a problem faced by every converter worldwide – so our solution was simple; regardless of the complexities and cost, move the electric side door backwards. If you set out to build the best of its kind, there can be no compromises”.

The beautiful interior of the Senzati Jet SprinterThe discretion of the exterior is more than compensated for inside. Dave’s compulsion can be found throughout the vehicle, the interior of which has been transformed in to a luxurious yet functional retreat with the very latest, fully integrated technology. Double glazing, electric black-out blinds, LCD switchable privacy glass and bespoke British built electrically adjustable seats. Each Senzati Jet Sprinter seat boasts electric headrests, heating/cooling 12 point massage and air lumbar support as well as independent lighting and climate control. 2 drawer fridges under the front seats stock the glass fronted mini bar display cabinet.

Located under each armrest is space for a laptop or tablet to slot in with mains, HDMI & USB sockets. Passengers can enjoy HDTV On the Move via DTV or Apple TV which can be transmitted to all internal monitors as well as Play Station, Blue Ray player, a 1000 watt music system and smart phone mirroring.

The beautiful interior of the Senzati Jet SprinterIf you opt for our non-hosted version,* there is an electric drawer unit which can be configured as a coffee machine, a drinks cabinet or a business station for printing, copying, faxing etc. Depending on the choice of layout, this can be located at the front or rear of the vehicle (or both).

The Senzati Jet Sprinter is not only luxurious but also completely versatile. Depending on your choice of floorplan, it can be used for business travel, meetings, pleasure, airport transfer or family days out; there is something for everyone. Senzati’s commitment to its clients extends way beyond your initial investment. Each vehicle can be custom built to order and the choice of interior colours and materials is limitless.

There are currently 4 Senzati Jet models with a multitude of interior layouts:-

The VIP Hosted Vehicle
This vehicle comes with a hostess/butler service or a bodyguard. Electric doors open in to the cab for walk through service access.

The VIP Vehicle
This vehicle has a fixed front bulkhead with a horizontal electric sliding partition which allows for a 40” monitor and the electric multi-purpose drawer unit.

The VIP Vehicle with Rear Luggage
This vehicle uses the rear space as a luggage compartment for 12 large suitcases.

The VP Vehicle with Rear Bathroom
This vehicle comes fitted with a rear bathroom with a porcelain, wall hung lavatory, glass bowl sink and waterfall tap with illuminated mirror and usual refinements.

The Senzati Jet Sprinter is also available armoured to B4+ standard.

Vehicles are available for sale or to hire for nights out with Senzati approved driver and hostess

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