Boosting Root Strength with THIX’s Protein & Vitamin Rich Hair Care Products

Getting to the Root with THIX's Protein Strong, Vitamin Rich Hair Care Products

Weak hair is a problem that affects people of all ages. Since time immemorial, it’s been seen as something that just happens; however, what if you had the power to change that? Over the years, scientific research has uncovered which ingredients can help to strengthen hair, and THIX, a science and environmentally-focused hair care brand, has taken this knowledge and brought it to the masses.

Why do we have hair?
Human hair has a biological purpose; it exists to protect the scalp, prevent heat loss (keeping us warmer), and, of course, it is there to enhance a person’s physical attractiveness.

On average, a healthy adult has between 80,000 to 120,000 hairs on their scalp; each person will shed around 100 of these daily. However, this number can increase due to stress, illness, medications, diet quality, sun exposure, smoking, a tight hairstyle, and of course, it can simply be down to a mixture of ageing, genetics and hormones.

A young woman shocked by the amount of hair on her brush

Aside from these, there is another potential cause that most people tend not to consider; the chemicals constantly being applied to the scalp and hair from shampoos and other hair products, which research shows could negatively impact hair health*.

As many know, the human skin is brilliant at absorbing all manner of things, good and bad. If consumers look past fancy packaging and instead focus on the ingredients, they’ll see that not all shampoos are created equal. Some contain chemicals that, although can be very effective at cleaning hair, they can also cause problems deep down in out-of-sight places.

It is estimated that 60% of what we put into our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, and given that the average human has about two million holes in the skin, some of the ingredients in the products we put on the hair, will undoubtedly find its way into us through various parts of the body. Therefore, it is essential to try to use products that contain only the best, body-friendly ingredients if possible.

A man looking at many products worried about his hair loss

Trying to pinpoint the exact causes of thinning hair and loss is extremely difficult; however, over recent years, science has made enormous strides and has a much better idea of what can help. THIX has taken this research and findings on board and used it to create a range of hair care products, which have been designed to help keep the scalp and hair healthy.

About THIX
THIX is the brainchild of the London-based venture studio, Otherway, in conjunction with a team of innovation experts who previously worked at the retail-giant Boots. The THIX (gender-neutral) range is produced in the UK and is specifically designed to thicken, strengthen, repair and stimulate the look and feel of the hair. It is able to do this thanks to adopting pure science, unlike other brands that use smoke and mirrors, fancy packaging and confusing terminology.

The THIX products are also free from silicone, ethanol, sulphate, and GMO and are vegan-approved. In addition, the brand has chosen to house its products in smart-looking 100% recycled aluminium bottles and even picked up a D&AD award for its plastic-free packaging design.

The three hair care products next to each other in the bathroom

The current range of THIX products comprises a deep cleansing shampoo, a conditioner and a styling paste created to thicken and protect the hair. Each has been designed with a functional knowledge of nutrients and contains a combination of caffeine and a collection of essential proteins and vitamins in a pure and simple form.

The above three products act as a complete hair-care routine, and together repair, deep clean, condition, and nourish the scalp. To get the very best from the products, THIX recommends using them daily for three months; however, they do state that some people will notice improvements immediately. Another nice feature is unlike some other, stronger hair loss products, stopping using the THIX products or pausing will not result in hair loss.

A man using the conditioner in the shower

Our Experience
My husband Paul and I have two completely different hair types. Paul is somewhat different to many people of his age. He has a very thick head of dark wavy hair, which has retained almost all its original colour, and although he is constantly shedding, it doesn’t seem to cause him a problem. On the other hand, I have thin, fair hair and am far more concerned about thinning hair than he is.

A woman pouring a lot, perhaps too much of the shampoo into her handPaul was the first to try the products. Historically, Paul has been a Head & Shoulders man and only feels the need to wash his hair once a week. He tried the shampoo and told me it produced less lather than he expected; however, he was more than pleased with the conditioner and hair styling paste.

I was quite sure his shampoo experience was down to him not doing something correctly. When I tried the shampoo, I was extremely pleased with the amount of lather it produced, and like Paul, I, too adored the conditioner.

I would hazard a guess that Paul used too little of the shampoo, and this, coupled with the thickness of his hair, was the reason why he wasn’t able to replicate my ‘latherfest’.

Although we’ve used the products a little over a week (me more than Paul), it is too early to make a detailed report on the efficacy of the products. I am quite sure that the placebo effect alone, born from the knowledge that we are treating our hair the very best, will put us on the correct path whilst the proteins, vitamins and caffeine set about doing their job.

Overall, THIX is a brand that is doing everything right, producing science-backed products stacked with healthy ingredients inside eco-friendly packaging.

We will update this feature in the future with our findings. However, in an independent study, more than 80% of those tested experienced an improvement in hair density when using THIX for twenty-eight days, which should provide an insight into their effectiveness.

THIX – Where and How?

The THIX Caffeine Shampoo is £15 for a 250ml bottle, the Caffeine Conditioner is also priced at £15 for 250ml, and the Caffeine Styling Paste is £12 for 100ml.

THIX is running a reward system where customers can make a saving if they purchase the three products together or as a shampoo and conditioner bundle. In addition to this, THIX is running a 20% introductory discount and a rewards system, which provides the opportunity to earn money off future purchases.

Orders can be placed for the products at


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