We Experience THREE SIXTY A.K.A. The World’s Most Luxurious Bed

the world’s “most luxurious bed” the THREE SIXTY

Interior Designer and Luxurious writer Jenny Allan joins Savoir Beds at London’s iconic Shard to view the world’s “most luxurious bed” the THREE SIXTY.

A 360 degree rotating bespoke circular bed created by Savoir to offer unparalleled levels of comfort and luxury.

Savoir beds were first created for The Savoy Hotel in 1905, and the brand has supplied the hotel for over 100 years, providing all its guests with exceptionally comfortable beds. These beds became a firm favourite of Marilyn Monroe as well as Frank Sinatra and many other stars.

We Experience THREE SIXTY A.K.A. The World's Most Luxurious Bed 3As a global brand with showrooms around the world, Savoir offers its clients a bespoke service whereby each mattress is made by one craftsman tailored for each client’s specific requirements.

The pedigree of the THREE SIXTY is undeniable and the experience of testing it at the Shard was exemplary. It really is the bed that has everything. The attention to detail is second to none with Savoir pushing the boundaries of the most dedicated, handcrafted bed design.

Firstly the comfort, which was unlike any bed which you might have tried. It was soft but supportive, largely assisted by the Mongolian Yak hair topper, which was filled with hair that had been hand-combed from 40 yaks. The advantage of Yak hair is that it has outstanding breathability and it is even softer than cashmere.

The design and style of the bed flowed perfectly with the chosen materials that complemented the bed’s circular design. From the elegant bird’s eye maple veneer to the leather trim and the soft velvet of the headboard all sourced from the worlds’ top suppliers, Savoir had every detail covered.

Getting accustomed to a circular bed was surprisingly instant with the bed’s 8ft diameter clearly assisting with the feeling of space. Once lying on it you felt so comfortable, cocooned but not enclosed creating the ideal sanctuary for a wonderful night’s sleep.

The controls for the Three-Sixty luxury bed

The technology incorporated within the bed is of equally high levels. The 360 turntable technology is incredibly smooth, enabling the bed to rotate 360 degrees at differing speeds all controlled through an app. The bed also includes lighting, USB and power outlets seamlessly integrated within the headboard.

We Experience THREE SIXTY A.K.A. The World's Most Luxurious Bed 4

The ability for a bed to rotate 360 degrees makes it the perfect choice for a penthouse with majestic views or perhaps a bedroom with multiple aspects where it could be placed to give a choice of vista depending on the day or the position of the sun. Perhaps facing the morning sunrise and then rotating to view the evening sunset. The Shard was really a fantastic location to display this bed with views across to West London and then rotating round to view Tower Bridge.

The 300 hours of craftsmanship needed to create The THREE SIXTY is undoubtedly evident, it truly is an incredible bed and it is probably is the “Most Luxurious bed in the world”

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