Tom Kennett becomes the official distributor of Maserati Watches in the UK

Tom Kennet becomes the official distributor of Maserati Watches in the UK

Tom Kennett, of Kennett Timepieces takes the role of official Maserati Watch distributor in the UK

For those that have a passion for watches, the name/brand Kennett will probably be familiar to you. Kennett Watches, was one of those lovely stories you hear from time to time, a brand born out of circumstance rather than planning. It was back in 2009 when Tom Kennett (a patented inventor) wanted to buy his father a present to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Kennett Timepieces office based in Glasgow, ScotlandSixty, as we’re all aware is a special milestone and when you’re trying to get someone a unique gift to mark the occasion, particularly when they already seem to have all they want is no easy task. As Tom and his father had a shared passion for watches, Tom decided to design a watch which it later transpired became known as the Savro – the very first Kennett Timepiece. As a testament to the passion he put into the Savro, even today it still remains one of the best-selling watches in the Kennett range.

Tom works with his colleagues from the Kennett Timepieces office based in Glasgow, Scotland and utilising the brands continued growth and recognition, he’s decided to undertake the role of official distributor of Maserati Watches in the UK, via his own distribution company called ATOZ Distribution.

“We’re very proud to be associated with the Maserati brand of watches and their distribution across the UK. The timing is brilliant, particularly with the growth of the Maserati brand in the UK in recent years and because they have just recently celebrated their 100th anniversary. Maserati represents Italian design with automotive inspiration and detailing and a surprisingly affordable price point considering the build quality and finish of the watches; overall it’s a terrific range of watches”Tom Kennett

The Maserati collection of watches is a combination of elegance, Italian style, passion for competitions and extraordinary versatility in applying corporate know-how to fashion brands. The elegant design, innovative solutions and care for details which today still inspire Maserati’s car models, become the distinctive features of the new collections created by Morellato for watch lovers. The presence of the symbols of the automotive company, established in 1914, is the leitmotiv which gives life to unique and matchless models.

We asked Tom what type of people would appreciate owning a Maserati timepiece. “Of Course there is a natural synergy between the Maserati car owners (past and present) for the watches and car enthusiasts in general, however it does not stop there. We are finding that there is a far wider appreciation for the Maserati watch brand which extends past the car owners and enthusiasts. Watches and cars are usually an aspirational purchase for a lot of men and women so we find a lot of customers reach for the Maserati watch at the same time as the car! We have a lot of different types that are buying the Maserati watches, of all ages and genres; we also find watch collectors are very keen on the range and that is usually a good sign that a brand is offering product with substance and attractive design.”

Tom Kennett becomes the official distributor of Maserati Watches in the UK 4With such an extensive range within the Maserati Watch collection, it made sense for us to ask Tom whether he had any favourites: “I have a few personal favourites, the Pneumatic due to its sporty feel and very comfortable strap. The Pole Position watch due to its sleek dial design and elegant feel. And for something more luxurious the Meccanica range. The range is very versatile!”

Like Kennett Timepieces, Maserati is a brand which, started from a local context and became one of the major international players within it’s chosen field. This time, instead of high-performance cars they’ve set their sights on another challenge – the equally challenging watch market. Under the UK guidance and tutelage of Tom Kennett and his team coupled with a huge amount of experience building the Kennett Timepieces brand, we have no doubt that we’ll be seeing a lot more of Maserati in the retail outlets on the UK high street.

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