Tormek’s New T-1 Knife Sharpener Brings Cutting Edge Sharpness into the Home

Tormek's New T-1 Knife Sharpener Brings Cutting Edge Sharpness into the Home

All good cooks know that high-quality cutting utensils are essential when it comes to food preparation. However, there is little point in having a superb set of knives if they perform at less than their optimum levels. To help home cooks get a professional edge, Tormek has created the T-1 knife sharpener.

Talk to any Top (or even half-decent chef), and they will tell you that the maintenance of knives is one of the key aspects to creating great food, and the same applies to the home.

Like many other pieces of professional equipment, the best knives don’t come with a cheap price tag. If you’ve made a significant investment in getting a high-quality set of knives, the least you can do is use them in the way they were designed and to do this, they need to be performing at their optimum levels, which is where blade sharpness comes into play.

A photograph of the T-1 on a kitchen worktopTo help make life simpler in the kitchen, Tormek has designed and launched its new T-1 Knife Sharpener. Below, we look at how it works and what it can do.

Sharpness, Simplicity and Speed
Many conventional methods do not sharpen the knife properly but align a weighted edge or sharpen only parts of the edge. That’s fine for basic maintenance, but after a while, you’ll notice you’re not getting the same sharpness.

The First Real Knife Sharpener for the Home Chef
Tormek has 50 years of expertise in tool sharpening for woodworkers. The Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener is the first professional, premium-quality kitchen knife sharpener for the home.

Quick, easy, clean and quiet, it precisely sharpens blades 12 – 60mm high and up to 5mm thick, with unlimited length.

Based on the innovative sharpening system developed for professional kitchens, the Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener effortlessly delivers a razor-sharp cutting edge and a durable angle that won’t dull after every use.

The Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener has a sleek industrial design and comes fully assembled with a solid oak handle, powder-coated zinc body, diamond grinding wheel and composite honing wheel. The method consists of three steps:

The Adjustable Bevel Angle
You can choose any angle between 8 and 22 degrees. However, if you are unsure, 15 degrees is a good angle. A small angle will cut more easily, while a large angle will give a stronger edge.

A photograph showing a knife getting its blade sharpened on the machine

Sharpen on Both Sides
The fine-grained diamond grinding wheel sharpens all types of steel, including ceramic knives – to professional sharpness. The low speed means that there’s minimal steel wear.

Insert the clean, dry knife into the guide. Follow the shape of the knife and apply only a gentle pressure. A magnet in the patented guide collects the steel particles, keeping the grinding wheel clean.

How to Create an Expert, Razor-Sharp Finish
Moisten the honing wheel using a damp paper towel to reduce friction and remove the burr*, and polish both sides of the knife on the honing wheel. Ensure the honing wheel rotates away from the edge.

Unlike some alternatives, the Tormek T-1 sharpens the entire bevel of the knife, not just the outer edge. Because the bevels can be sharpened separately, there’s the option to set different edge angles on each side of the blade or sharpen just one side, which is particularly useful for more advanced knives.

Peace of Mind
Built to last, with an 8-year warranty, store safely in a dry place. Whether you’re looking for the perfect knife sharpener for yourself or on the hunt for the ideal gift for a foodie friend or family member, the NEW Tormek T-1 Kitchen Knife Sharpener (RRP £330), is available from

* After sharpening, a ‘burr’ is created, which needs to be honed off to obtain a sharp and durable edge.

A photograph of four bowls with freshly sliced ingredients in eachTormek's New T-1 Knife Sharpener Brings Cutting Edge Sharpness into the Home 2

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