How ToursByLocals Tour Guides can Help You to Give Something Back

How ToursByLocals Tour Guides can Help You to Give Something Back

The modern-day traveller is someone who explores with a conscience, someone who keeps one eye on their impact on the environment and a person who enjoys culture, history, nature, and likes to give something back. ToursByLocals is making it easier to do this through their local guides and some fantastic tours.

As the UK heads into its first summer in two years without heavy travel restrictions, travellers’ propensity to holiday internationally is heating up. However, the time away from airports and new lands has proved an opportunity for many would-be travellers to recharge and reflect on their travelling habits and social impact.

Travelling more responsibly is increasingly at the forefront of many consumers’ minds when booking their next break, and for a good reason. With a growing desire to seek out more authentic experiences, form genuine connections and discover new places without negatively impacting them, 2022 promises to be an important year for responsible tourism.

ToursByLocals has been specialising in private tours and conscious travel for over a decade, offering a variety of community-driven tours as well as positive impact experiences for travellers to enjoy. ToursByLocals offers a mix of half-day, full-day and multi-day tours, both private and personal. Conscious travellers can begin planning their next adventures knowing that they won’t be leaving any negative traces behind and will be directly and positively supporting local tour guides.

Engage with the Local Community

Locals filtering coffee beans in a sieve

From Crop to Cup – Help Local Farmers with Coffee Production in Lake Kivu
For those travellers who want to take a hands-on approach to supporting nearby communities and businesses, this coffee cultivating experience from local guide Innocent is just for them.

To help tackle the poverty in the area, Innocent created a partnership with local farmers to create this unique tour. Private ToursByLocals groups will not only tour the farm and learn about the process of coffee making, but also don the dungarees and help cultivate, hull and grade the beans. Travellers will also enjoy their very own coffee and see it roasted in traditional methods before their very eyes and take a trip on a small wooden, motorised boat.

  • £197 for up to two people
  • Duration: four hours
  • The tour includes private, bespoke guiding services, private transportation, and admission tickets

Animal Sanctuary

A female orang-utan with her baby

Support endangered Orangutans at a Wildlife Sanctuary in Borneo
Travellers will head to the Labuk Bay Sanctuary, where they will join wildlife expert and local David on a full-day trip, introducing them to the incredible lives of Sepilok Orang-Utans.

Located in the centre of the mangrove forest along the coastal land near Kampung Sembawang, the experience promises to create memories to last a lifetime. Private ToursByLocals groups can observe the rare species leaping from tree to tree before coming down for an intimate and personal feeding session with the park rangers. The tour also includes a visit to the Borneo Sun Bear Centre to see the world’s smallest bear species, with meticulous insight and detail from guide David.

  • £244 for two people (prices vary depending on group size, up to eight people)
  • Duration: nine hours
  • The tour includes private, bespoke guiding services, private transportation and admission tickets

Spend time with a Local Family

A woman from a local familt collecting beans in the forest

Become Part of Aymara Culture by Staying with a Local Family
There is no better way to learn the charms and nuances of a culture than through the eyes of a local. This experience goes one step further and allows travellers to join an Aymaran family for two days in Peru.

For two days, guests will enjoy the company of local tour guide Sandra and a welcoming host family. The private, customisable tour includes exploring islands, including visiting Taquile Island, where its inhabitants are considered to be some of the best knitters and weavers in the world. In addition, guests can also help with family responsibilities on the farm, such as sowing, taking care of their animals, harvesting and sailing in the lake.

  • £513 for up to four people
  • Duration: two days
  • The tour includes: Private guiding services, private transportation, overnight accommodation at a homestay, breakfast, lunch and dinner, water, sailing with a local fisherman, entrance fees and sailing in a reed boat

Embracing the Hiking Bug

A man taking in the snow-capped mountain views on a hike

Hike the Himalayan Peaks Ethically and Sustainably
Hiking the stunning Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan peaks is an absolute must for adventurous travellers. Join expert hiker and local Vimal for a more responsible exploration of these iconic mountains where every penny is recirculated back into the local community, supporting schools and training for future guides.

This six-day epic adventure will see private groups travel from settlement to settlement as they navigate the mountains, with plenty of stops along the way to spend time with the locals and enjoy the traditional cuisine. Guests will stay in community eco-lodges along the way to reduce their impact on the environment for future generations’ use.

  • £1,561 for two people
  • Duration: six days
  • The tour includes private guiding services, private transportation, one porter, three meals per day during treks and accommodation (homestay or community lodges and one hotel)

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How ToursByLocals Tour Guides can Help You to Give Something Back 2

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