Tuftology’s New Tufting Machine is Centred Around ‘Good Vibes Only’

The Tuftology Good Vibes Only Tufting Gun making some fried eggs

The US-based company, TUFTOLOGY®, has become the first rug-tufting supplier to release a patterned tufting gun as part of a limited edition collection.

In a world seemingly dominated by screens and graphics, we’re always thrilled to come across products that sever the constant flow of unnecessary information and allow people of all ages to escape and use their physical creativity to produce something tangible. In what will be a first for Luxurious Magazine®, we’re delving into the creative world of Tufting.

Tufting is a word that many readers probably won’t recognise. It is a craft that has been around for ages, but people likely didn’t know it went by that name. The process of Tufting is used to create various things, including clothing, 3D art, rugs, furniture, etc. It involves passing a thread through a primary base material to create either a product or something artistic. Until the advent of modern machinery and the establishment of companies such as TUFTOLOGY®, it was a time-consuming labour of love that was done by hand.

Two excellent examples of tufting, one art based, the other home based[L] Art from @tufto_studio and [R] pieces from @zeyu.studio.

However, time moves on, and this is where innovation and companies come to the forefront. To make the creative process faster and simpler, TUFTOLOGY® has launched a unique set of tufting guns, with vibrant fun styling that goes under the umbrella – of “Good Vibes Only”.

TUFTOLOGY® is a Virginia-based company and is one of the first tufting suppliers in the US. It was the brainchild of two engineers who shared a passion for arts and crafts. One of the company’s co-founders, Omar, was already a huge fan of Tufting and was unhappy with the quality of products available at that time. He believed that something more was needed to meet the requirements of the creative community.

Omar realised there was a gap in the market and decided to create a business that reflected the innovative and talented online tufting community; thus, TUFTOLOGY® was born. Since its opening, the company has gone from strength to strength, not only due to the sales volume but also the backing and endorsement from some key, influential figures and tufting artists.

The four products that makes up the "Good Vibes Only" range

The company’s tufting machine comes in four unique designs: Purple Waves, Retro Groovy, Hippie Love and Boho Daisy. The designs are inspired by the retro, the 60s and 70s psychedelic periods, which are so popular in the online tufting community.

TUFTOLOGY®’s co-founder, Omar, said, “Tufting is such a creative hobby and a form of art, so it made sense to me to produce a tufting machine that matched the creativity of the artists using it. “The ‘Good Vibes Collection’ is exactly that. It’s about catering to this creative community, giving them the tools to express themselves and showcase their talent.”

The company has also been working with influential figures in the tufting community, such as ‘@therugmakerco’ and ‘@StudioTrudi’.

Karime (therugmakerco), unboxing her new gun, said: “I still can’t believe how beautiful my new gun is.”

Luciana, the influencer behind the ‘Studio Trudi’ account, showcased the machine in action and wrote, “Can’t believe how cute my new tufting gun is! @tufting.co just dropped a limited edition Good Vibes Only collection with four different patterns, and I lowkey want one of each.”

The collection is a limited edition, and each design has a set number available. The innovative company hopes to produce further collections in the future, working directly with influencers in the community to create designs inspired by their artwork.

If you want to learn more about the ‘Good Vibes Only’ collection and TUFTOLOGY® other tools and supplies, please click here to visit their website: https://tufting.co/.

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Tuftology's New Tufting Machine is Centred Around 'Good Vibes Only' 2

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